Although Varnsdorf is often thought of as an industrial town, there are actually a number of kid-friendly things to do. For a start, the town is home to a small but well-maintained zoo which is perfect for a family day out. The zoo is located right in the center of town and is easy to reach on foot or by public transport. If your kids are into sports, they will be spoilt for choice with the town’s many football pitches, tennis courts and swimming pools. If they prefer something a little more relaxed, they can explore the town’s parks and playgrounds or take a ride on the historic Varnsdorf narrow gauge railway. And of course, no visit to Varnsdorf would be complete without trying some of the delicious local cuisine, which includes traditional Czech dishes such as svickova and goulash.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Varnsdorf, Czech Republic

1. Take a walk through the city center – Varnsdorf’s city center is full of historic architecture and interesting shops. Take a leisurely stroll and take in the sights.

2. Visit the Muzeum Husitske Varnsdorf – This museum is dedicated to the history of the Hussite movement in the Czech Republic. It is interesting for both adults and children.

3. View the collections at the Galerie Varnsdorf – This gallery has an excellent collection of Czech art, both old and new. The staff are very friendly and can provide interesting information about the pieces on display.

4. Get active at the Sportovni Hala Varnsdorf – This sports hall has a wide range of facilities, including a climbing wall, badminton courts, and a swimming pool. There is something for everyone here.

5. Take a hike in the nearby forests – Varnsdorf is surrounded by beautiful forests which are perfect for a leisurely hike. There are also many interesting sights to see along the way.

6. Visit the Vodni Mlyn Varnsdorf – This watermill is over 200 years old and is still in operation today. It is a great place to learn about traditional Czech culture.

7. Go for a paddle in the Otava river – The Otava river runs through Varnsdorf and is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. Canoes and kayaks can be rented from the tourist office.

8. Visit the castle ruins of Herlikovice – These ruins are all that remains of a 13th century castle. They are located just outside of Varnsdorf and are a great place to explore.

9. Have a picnic in one of the city parks – Varnsdorf has a number of lovely parks, perfect for a relaxing picnic lunch.

10. Play mini golf at the Golf Club Varnsdorf – This mini golf course is located in the city center and is great fun for the whole family.


1. What Is Varnsdorf’S History?

Varnsdorf’s history is fascinating and complex. The town was first settled in the 12th century, and over the centuries it has been ruled by the Bohemian kings, the Austrian Habsburgs, and the Czechoslovakians. The town has a long tradition of craftsmanship and industry, and it was an important center for the textile industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In recent years, Varnsdorf has undergone a significant regeneration, and it is now a thriving center for commerce and tourism.

2. What Are The Main Attractions In Varnsdorf?

The main attractions in Varnsdorf include the Old Town Hall, the Baroque Church of St. James, and the Varnsdorf Museum. The Old Town Hall is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture, and it houses a museum which tells the story of the town’s history. The Church of St. James is an imposing Baroque building, and the Varnsdorf Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the town’s history and culture.

3. What Is The Best Way To Get Around Varnsdorf?

The best way to get around Varnsdorf is on foot. The town is relatively small and compact, and most of the attractions are within walking distance of each other. There is also a good public transport system in place, with regular buses and trains running to and from Varnsdorf.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Varnsdorf?

The climate in Varnsdorf is mild and temperate. The town is located in the Czech Republic, which has a continental climate. This means that the summers are warm and the winters are cold. The town is also located in a valley, which can cause the temperature to drop at night.

5. What Is The Population Of Varnsdorf?

The population of Varnsdorf is around 14,000. The town is located in the Czech Republic, which has a population of around 10 million.

6. What Languages Are Spoken In Varnsdorf?

The primary language spoken in Varnsdorf is Czech. However, English is also widely spoken, and many of the town’s tourist attractions and public buildings have English signs and information.

7. What Is The Currency Used In Varnsdorf?

The currency used in Varnsdorf is the Czech Koruna (CZK). The town is located in the Czech Republic, which is a member of the European Union. However, the Czech Republic has not yet adopted the Euro as its currency.

8. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Varnsdorf?

The best time of year to visit Varnsdorf is in the summer. The town is located in the Czech Republic, which has a continental climate. This means that the summers are warm and the winters are cold. The town is also located in a valley, which can cause the temperature to drop at night.

9. What Is The Food Like In Varnsdorf?

The food in Varnsdorf is traditional Czech fare. There are many restaurants and cafes in the town, and they all serve Czech classics such as goulash, dumplings, and roasted pork. The town is also home to a number of breweries, and it is famous for its Pilsner beer.

10. What Are The People Like In Varnsdorf?

The people of Varnsdorf are friendly and welcoming. The town is located in the Czech Republic, which is known for its hospitable people.

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