Vancouver, Canada is a great place for kids! There are so many fun and kid-friendly things to do in this beautiful city. From exploring Vancouver’s amazing parks and playgrounds, to visiting the Vancouver Aquarium or Science World, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the best things about Vancouver is that there are so many free things to do with kids. Vancouver’s parks are some of the best in the world and are perfect for a day of play. Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Vancouver’s many beaches are all great places to explore with kids.

The Vancouver Aquarium is a must-visit for any family. With over 70,000 marine creatures, kids will be captivated for hours. Science World is another great option for a rainy day. With over 100 hands-on exhibits, kids will learn all about the world around them.

If you’re looking for some fun indoor activities, Vancouver has plenty to offer. The Vancouver Lookout, situated atop Harbour Centre, is a great place to get a bird’s eye view of the city. The Vancouver Art Gallery is also a great option for a rainy day activity.

No matter what your interests are, Vancouver has something for everyone. The city is incredibly kid-friendly and there are countless things to do to keep the whole family entertained.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Vancouver, Canada

1. Head to Science World for a day of learning and fun
Located in the beautiful False Creek area of Vancouver, Science World is a must-see for families. With over 80 interactive exhibits, a giant dome theatre, and live science demonstrations, there is something for everyone at Science World.

2. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium
Located in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium is home to over 70,000 aquatic creatures from across the globe. With daily demonstrations and talks, kids will learn all about the amazing underwater world.

3. Stroll through Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
This beautiful park in North Vancouver is home to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, one of the longest and highest suspension bridges in the world. Kids will love crossing the bridge and exploring the many hiking trails and forests in the park.

4. Kayak or paddleboard in Granville Island
Granville Island is a vibrant neighbourhood in Vancouver with many shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Families can rent kayaks or paddleboards from one of the many companies on the island and explore the waters of False Creek.

5. Visit the Vancouver Lookout
Located in the Harbour Centre tower in downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Lookout offers stunning 360-degree views of the city. Kids will love spotting all the major landmarks and learning about the history of Vancouver from the informative displays.

6. Explore Vancouver’s Chinatown
Vancouver’s Chinatown is the largest in Canada and one of the largest in North America. With its colourful street signs and architecture, kids will feel like they’ve been transported to another world. Be sure to try some of the delicious Chinese food while you’re there!

7. Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery
The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to a comprehensive collection of Canadian and international art. Kids will enjoy exploring the many different exhibitions and taking part in the gallery’s educational programs.

8. Go for a walk or bike ride in Stanley Park
Stanley Park is Vancouver’s largest urban park and is well known for its picturesque seawall. Families can rent bikes from one of the many companies in the park and explore the many trails, beaches, and forests.

9. Take a ride on the Vancouver Trolley
The Vancouver Trolley is a great way to see the city and learn about its history. The trolley takes you to many of Vancouver’s top attractions, including Chinatown, Stanley Park, and Granville Island.

10. Go on a whale watching tour
Vancouver is one of the best places in the world to go whale watching. There are many companies that offer tours, and you’re almost guaranteed to see some spectacular whale sightings.


1. What Are Some Must-See Sights In Vancouver?

Answer: There are many must-see sights in Vancouver, including Stanley Park, Granville Island, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Capilano Suspension Bridge.

2. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Vancouver?

Answer: The best time of year to visit Vancouver is in the summer, when the weather is warm and sunny. However, the city is beautiful in all seasons, so any time of year is a good time to visit.

3. What Is The Best Way To Get Around Vancouver?

Answer: The best way to get around Vancouver is by public transportation. Vancouver has an extensive bus and Skytrain system that makes it easy to get around the city. Alternatively, you can also rent a car or bike to get around.

4. What Are Some Good Places To Eat In Vancouver?

Answer: There are many good places to eat in Vancouver, depending on what you’re in the mood for. For casual dining, there are plenty of great options for burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. For something more upscale, Vancouver has a number of excellent seafood and sushi restaurants.

5. What Are Some Good Places To Shop In Vancouver?

Answer: Vancouver is a great place to shop, whether you’re looking for designer clothes, local souvenirs, or anything in between. Granville Island is a great place to find arts and crafts, while Robson Street is a popular shopping destination for clothes and accessories.

6. What Is The Nightlife Like In Vancouver?

Answer: Vancouver has a lively nightlife scene, with a variety of bars, clubs, and lounges to choose from. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or just have a few drinks with friends, you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy yourself in Vancouver.

7. What Are Some Good Activities To Do In Vancouver?

Answer: Vancouver is a great city for outdoors enthusiasts, with plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore. The city is also home to a number of museums and art galleries, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

8. What Is The Weather Like In Vancouver?

Answer: Vancouver has a moderate climate, with average temperatures ranging from 10-25 degrees Celsius. The city experiences a fair amount of rainfall, so be sure to pack an umbrella!

9. What Is The Vancouver Airport Like?

Answer: The Vancouver airport is efficient and easy to navigate. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you busy while you wait for your flight.

10. What Are Some Tips For Visiting Vancouver?

Answer: Some tips for visiting Vancouver include dressing in layers to stay comfortable in the changing weather, carrying cash for parking meters and public transit, and packing comfortable shoes for exploring the city.

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