There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Telgte, Germany. For starters, the city has a number of parks perfect for a picnic or a game of tag. The Felderhalle also has a playground, making it a great place to take the little ones. If your kids are into sports, they’ll be happy to know that Telgte is home to a number of soccer fields, basketball courts, and even a skate park.

In addition to all of the outdoor activities, Telgte also has a number of indoor attractions that are perfect for a rainy day. The Museum am Strom is a great place to learn about the city’s history, and the Aquarium im Felderhalle is perfect for kids who love animals. There are also a number of kid-friendly restaurants in Telgte, so you’re sure to find something that everyone will enjoy.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Telgte, Germany

1. Visit the historic town center: The historic town center of Telgte is a great place to start your exploration of the town. Stroll down the pedestrian-only streets and take in the beautiful architecture of the buildings that line the square.

2. Check out the Town Hall: The Town Hall is one of the most notable buildings in the center of Telgte. Built in the early 16th century, it is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.

3. Go for a walk or bike ride along the Möhne River: The Möhne River runs through the center of Telgte and is a great place to take a peaceful stroll or go for a bike ride.

4. Visit the Münster: The Münster is a Gothic cathedral that is one of the most important religious buildings in the town. It was built in the 13th century and is home to a beautiful altar that dates back to the 16th century.

5. Stop by the Museum am Strom: The Museum am Strom is a small museum that is located in the town center. It houses a collection of artifacts that tells the history of the town and its people.

6. Have a picnic in the park: There are several parks located throughout Telgte that are perfect for a picnic lunch. Grab some food from one of the local bakeries or cafes and enjoy a leisurely meal in the sunshine.

7. Play at the playground: Kids will love spending time at the playgrounds located throughout Telgte. There are several to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that your little ones will enjoy.

8. Go for a swim: During the warmer months, the outdoor pool in Telgte is a great place to take a dip. The pool is open from May to September and is the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day.

9. Ride the carousel: The carousel in the town center is a favorite among kids and adults alike. Take a spin on the rides and take in the sights and sounds of the town.

10. Enjoy a treat: No visit to Telgte would be complete without enjoying a sweet treat from one of the local shops. Order a ice cream cone, pick up some fresh baked goods, or sample some of the local honey.


1. What Is The History Of Telgte?

Telgte is a historic town in the Münsterland region of Germany with a long and rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. The first record of the town dates back to the year 885, when it was mentioned in a document as a market town. Throughout the centuries, Telgte has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, most notably during the Thirty Years’ War when it was almost completely destroyed. Today, the town is a popular tourist destination due to its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming old-world atmosphere.

2. What Are The Main Attractions In Telgte?

The main attractions in Telgte are all located in the old town centre, which is a pedestrian zone. The most notable landmarks are the St. Laurentius Church, which dates back to the 13th century, and the historic town hall, which was built in 1612. Other notable sights include the Schloss insel Hombroich, a medieval moated castle, and the Münsterlandmuseum, which is housed in a former cloister.

3. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Telgte?

The best time of year to visit Telgte is in the summer when the weather is warm and sunny. However, the town is also worth visiting in the winter when it is adorned with festive Christmas decorations.

4. How Can I Get To Telgte?

Telgte is located in the northwestern part of Germany, about 30 kilometers west of Münster. The town can be reached by car or public transport. By car, take the A1 motorway and exit at the junction for Telgte. By public transport, take a regional train from Münster to Telgte-Westfalenhallen station.

5. Where Can I Stay In Telgte?

There are a number of hotels and guesthouses located in Telgte. For a list of accommodation options, please see the following website:

6. What Is The Food Like In Telgte?

The food in Telgte is typical of the Münsterland region and features a lot of meat and potatoes. Some of the local specialties include Pumpernickel bread, Reibekuchen (potato pancakes), and Westfälischer Obatzda (a cheese spread).

7. What Is There To Do In Telgte?

There are a number of activities and attractions to keep visitors entertained in Telgte. As mentioned above, the old town centre is worth exploring for its well-preserved architecture and charming atmosphere. There are also a number of outdoor activities to enjoy in the surrounding area, such as hiking, cycling, and golfing.

8. What Is The Climate Like In Telgte?

The climate in Telgte is mild with cool winters andwarm summers. The average temperature in January is 0 degrees Celsius and in July it is 22 degrees Celsius.

9. What Is The Population Of Telgte?

The population of Telgte is approximately 21,000.

10. What Are The Opening Hours In Telgte?

The opening hours in Telgte depend on the businesses, but most shops and restaurants are open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. On Sundays, many businesses are closed.

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