There are many kid friendly things to do in Taverny, France. One option is to visit the many parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city. For a more educational experience, the Museum of Natural History and the National History Museum are both excellent choices. If your children are more interested in physical activity, they can enjoy horseback riding, tennis, golf, and swimming. There are also a number of kid-friendly restaurants and cafes in Taverny, so you can be sure to find something to please everyone in your family.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Taverny, France

1. Visit the Château de Théméricourt.

The Château de Théméricourt is a beautiful castle located in Taverny, France. It was built in the 13th century and is now open to the public as a museum. Visitors can explore the castle’s grounds, tour the inside of the castle, and learn about its history.

2. Take a walk through the Parc du Château de Théméricourt.

The Parc du Château de Théméricourt is a lovely park located on the grounds of the castle. Visitors can take a peaceful stroll through the park and admire the beautiful scenery.

3. Have a picnic in the park.

After exploring the castle and park, visitors can have a picnic in the park. Pack a lunch or stop by one of the many bakeries in town for some delicious pastries.

4. Go for a swim in Lac des Deux Amants.

Lac des Deux Amants is a beautiful lake located just outside of Taverny. Visitors can go for a swim, relax on the beach, or go fishing.

5. Play miniature golf at Golfland.

Golfland is a miniature golf course located in Taverny. It is a great place for families to spend an afternoon playing together.

6. Visit the Musée du Train Miniature.

The Musée du Train Miniature is a museum dedicated to trains and railroads. Visitors can see a variety of model trains, learn about the history of railroads, and even take a ride on a miniature train.

7. Play in the playground at Parc de la Garenne.

Parc de la Garenne is a park with a playground, a pond, and trails. It is a great place for children to run around and explore.

8. Have an ice cream at La Glacerie.

La Glacerie is an ice cream shop located in Taverny. They offer a variety of delicious ice cream flavors, as well as other desserts.

9. Bowl a few games at Bowling Taverny.

Bowling Taverny is a bowling alley located in town. It is a great place to go for a fun night out with family or friends.

10. Catch a movie at Cinéma Palace.

Cinéma Palace is a movie theater located in Taverny. Visitors can buy tickets to see the latest blockbuster hits.


1. What Is The Population Of Taverny, France?

The municipality of Taverny has a population of 34,212.

2. What Is The Average Rainfall In Taverny, France?

The average rainfall in Taverny is 574.7 mm.

3. What Is The Average Temperature In Taverny, France?

The average temperature in Taverny is 10.5 °C.

4. What Is The Highest Point In Taverny, France?

The highest point in Taverny is 223 m.

5. What Is The Lowest Point In Taverny, France?

The lowest point in Taverny is 50 m.

6. What Is The Elevation Of Taverny, France?

The elevation of Taverny is 153 m.

7. What Is The Latitude Of Taverny, France?

The latitude of Taverny is 49.0333° N.

8. What Is The Longitude Of Taverny, France?

The longitude of Taverny is 2.3167° E.

9. What Is The Area Of Taverny, France?

The area of Taverny is 15.4 km².

10. What Is The Postal Code Of Taverny, France?

The postal code of Taverny is 95150.

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