There are many kid friendly things to do in Tartu, Estonia. One of the most popular attractions is the Town Hall Square, which is filled with shops and restaurants. The Town Hall itself is a historic building that is worth taking a tour of. There are also several museums in Tartu that are kid friendly, such as the Tartu Toy Museum and the Tartu Art Museum. If your kids are into outdoor activities, they will enjoy the many parks and playgrounds located throughout the city. And, of course, no trip to Tartu would be complete without a visit to the world-famous Estonian National Opera House.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Tartu, Estonia

1. Visit the Kid-Friendly museums

The Estonian National Museum and the Tartu Toy Museum are both great places to take kids. The Estonian National Museum is a large museum that covers the history of Estonia and has a special kids section with interactive displays. The Tartu Toy Museum is a small museum with a large collection of antique toys, many of which are interactive.

2. Go on a nature walk

Tartu is a very green city and there are numerous parks and nature trails to explore. A favourite nature walk for families is the Raadi Nature Trail which starts at the Raadi Manor and winds through forests and fields.

3. Visit the Tartu Zoo

The Tartu Zoo is a great place to take kids of all ages. There are over 100 different species of animals, a petting zoo, and a playground.

4. Take a boat ride on the Emajõgi River

The Emajõgi River runs through the center of Tartu and is a great place to take a boat ride. There are several different companies that offer boat rides, some of which include a tour guide.

5. Go for a swim at the Tartu indoor pool

The Tartu indoor pool is a great place to take a break from sightseeing and cool off. There is a large pool, a smaller pool for kids, a water slide, and a sauna.

6. Play at the A. Le Coq Sports Park

The A. Le Coq Sports Park is a great place for kids to burn off some energy. There is a large playground, a sports field, and a skate park.

7. Visit the Tartu Town Hall

The Tartu Town Hall is a beautiful historic building that is worth a visit. Kids will enjoy looking at the stained glass windows and the large clock.

8. See a play at the Vanemuine Theatre

The Vanemuine Theatre is the oldest theatre in Estonia and puts on a variety of plays and musicals. Kids will enjoy seeing a show at this historic theatre.

9. Ride the Tartu Cable Car

The Tartu Cable Car is a great way to see the city from above. Kids will enjoy the views from the top of the hill.

10. Visit the Tartu Christmas Market

The Tartu Christmas Market is a great place to find unique gifts and try traditional Estonian food. Kids will enjoy seeing the decorated stalls and the festive atmosphere.


1. What Is The Capital Of Estonia?

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia.

2. What Is The Population Of Estonia?

The population of Estonia is 1,317,800.

3. What Is The Official Language Of Estonia?

The official language of Estonia is Estonian.

4. What Currency Is Used In Estonia?

Estonia uses the Euro.

5. What Is The Climate Like In Estonia?

The climate in Estonia is temperate, with average temperatures in the summer of 18 degrees Celsius and in the winter of -3 degrees Celsius.

6. What Is The Highest Point In Estonia?

The highest point in Estonia is Suur Munamagi, at 318 metres above sea level.

7. What Is The Lowest Point In Estonia?

The lowest point in Estonia is the Baltic Sea, at 0 metres above sea level.

8. What Is The Landscape Like In Estonia?

Estonia is mostly forested, with over 50% of the country being covered in forest. There are also many wetlands and bogs.

9. What Are Some Of The Major Industries In Estonia?

Estonia’s major industries include information technology, heavy machinery, forestry, and agriculture.

10. What Are Some Of The Popular Tourist Destinations In Estonia?

Some of the popular tourist destinations in Estonia include Tallinn, Tartu, Saaremaa, and Pärnu.

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