Soure is a beautiful town situated on the Amazon River in Brazil. It’s a great place for families with young children, as there are plenty of kid-friendly activities to enjoy. The Amazon rainforest is right on Soure’s doorstep, so take a boat ride into the jungle and explore the incredible wildlife. Visit the Soure Zoo, where you can learn about the local animals and their habitats, or take a walk through the town’s botanical gardens. If you’re looking for some fun in the water, head to the Municipal Aquarium where you can see piranhas, turtles and other freshwater creatures. For a bit of culture, take a stroll through the Soure Museum which houses a collection of Brazilian art and artefacts. With so much to see and do, Soure is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Soure, Brazil

1. Visit the source of the Amazon River

2. Take a boat ride down the Amazon River

3. Go on a safari through the rainforest

4. Visit the indigenous tribes

5. Visit the waterfalls

6. Go fishing

7. Take a jungle hike

8. Go bird watching

9. Visit the botanical gardens

10. Go shopping in the markets


1. What Is The Capital Of Brazil?

The capital of Brazil is Brasília, which is located in the Federal District in the center-west of the country.

2. What Is The Population Of Brazil?

The population of Brazil was estimated to be 207,846,506 as of July 2018.

3. What Is The Currency Of Brazil?

The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL).

4. What Is The Official Language Of Brazil?

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

5. What Is The Climate Of Brazil?

The climate of Brazil varies widely by region, but the country generally has a tropical climate.

6. What Is The Geography Of Brazil?

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, and is located in South America. It has a diverse geography, with a Amazon rainforest, extensive coastlines, and large inland rivers.

7. What Is The Economy Of Brazil?

The economy of Brazil is the ninth largest in the world, and is driven by agriculture, industry, and services.

8. What Is The History Of Brazil?

The history of Brazil begins with the settlement of the country by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. Since then, Brazil has undergone many changes, including independence from Portugal, periods of monarchy and dictatorship, and the establishment of a republic.

9. What Are The Tourist Attractions In Brazil?

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil include the Amazon rainforest, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and the historic city of Salvador.

10. What Are The Customs And Traditions Of Brazil?

Brazil has a rich and diverse culture, with customs and traditions that reflect the many different groups that make up the country.Some of the most popular traditions include carnival, which is celebrated annually in the lead-up to Lent, and capoeira, a martial art that is often performed to music.

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