Sheldon, Illinois is a great place for families with young children. There are a number of kid-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. The Sheldon Park District offers a variety of activities, including an indoor pool, a playground, and a spray park. The Sheldon Public Library also has a number of programs and events for kids, such as story times, movie nights, and craft days. For some outdoor fun, families can visit the nearby Springfield Zoo or take a hike on one of the many trails in the area. Sheldon is also home to a number of family-friendly businesses, such as a toy store, a cupcake shop, and a children’s book store. With so much to do, Sheldon is the perfect place to raise a family.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Sheldon, Illinois

1. Visit the Children’s Museum of Central Illinois

The Children’s Museum of Central Illinois is a great place for kids to learn and explore. The museum has interactive exhibits on science, history, and the arts. Kids can also enjoy the museum’s kid-friendly climbing wall, playground, and toddler area.

2. Go on a safari at Wildlife Prairie Park

Wildlife Prairie Park is a 2,500-acre state park that is home to over 50 species of animals, including bison, elk, white-tailed deer, and bobcats. Kids will love going on safari in an open-air bus and seeing the animals up close. The park also has hiking trails, a playground, and a picnic area.

3.Visit the Miller Park Zoo

The Miller Park Zoo is home to over 150 animals from all over the world. Kids can see animals like lions, tigers, giraffes, and monkeys. The zoo also has a petting zoo, a playground, and a train that goes around the park.

4. Go fishing at Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park

Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park is a great place to go fishing. The park has over 60 miles of canals and over 200 lakes and ponds. Kids can fish for bass, catfish, and sunfish. The park also has hiking trails, picnic areas, and a playground.

5. Take a train ride on the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad offers train rides through the scenic countryside of central Illinois. Kids will love riding in an old-fashioned train car and seeing the farmland and small towns along the way.

6. Visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is a great place for kids to learn about our 16th president. The museum has interactive exhibits on Lincoln’s life and times. Kids can also see the President’s actual stovepipe hat and the bed where he died.

7. Go on a hayride at Springbrook Farms

Springbrook Farms offers hayrides through their beautiful farm. Kids will love seeing the animals and the crops. The farm also has a corn maze, a pumpkin patch, and a petting zoo.

8. Visit the Glove World Museum

The Glove World Museum is a great place for kids to learn about the history of gloves. The museum has over 2,000 pairs of gloves on display, including gloves worn by famous people like Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. The museum also has a gift shop and a glove-making demonstration.

9. Take a walk through the Dana-Thomas House

The Dana-Thomas House is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house that is now a state park. Kids can take a self-guided tour of the house and see Wright’s unique design. The park also has a playground and a picnic area.

10. See a movie at the Varsity Theatre

The Varsity Theatre is a historic theatre that shows movies and hosts live performances. Kids will love seeing a movie on the big screen and listening to the live music before the show.


1. What Is The History Of Sheldon, Illinois?

The history of Sheldon, Illinois dates back to the early 1800s, when the first settlers arrived in the area. Since then, the town has grown and changed, but remains a small, close-knit community.

2. What Are The Demographics Of Sheldon, Illinois?

The population of Sheldon, Illinois is approximately 2,500. The town is majority white, with a small black and Hispanic population. The median income for residents is $50,000.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Sheldon, Illinois?

Sheldon, Illinois has a continental climate, with four distinct seasons. The summers are warm and humid, while the winters are cold and snowy.

4. What Are The Main Industries In Sheldon, Illinois?

The main industries in Sheldon, Illinois are agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. Agriculture is the town’s largest industry, with corn, soybeans, and wheat being the main crops. Manufacturing is also important to the local economy, with companies such as Maytag and New Holland having factories in town.

5. What Are The Top Attractions In Sheldon, Illinois?

The top attractions in Sheldon, Illinois include the Sheldon Lake State Park, the Maytag Factory Tour, and the New Holland Museum.

6. What Are The School Districts In Sheldon, Illinois?

There are two school districts in Sheldon, Illinois. The public schools are part of the Sheldon Consolidated School District, while the private schools are part of the Tri-County School District.

7. What Is The Cost Of Living In Sheldon, Illinois?

The cost of living in Sheldon, Illinois is affordable. The median home price is $100,000, and the median rent is $750.

8. What Is The Crime Rate In Sheldon, Illinois?

The crime rate in Sheldon, Illinois is low. There is little to no violent crime, and the property crime rate is also very low.

9. What Are The Job Opportunities In Sheldon, Illinois?

There are a variety of job opportunities in Sheldon, Illinois. The town’s largest employers are in the agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism industries.

10. What Is The Quality Of Life In Sheldon, Illinois?

The quality of life in Sheldon, Illinois is good. The town is safe, and the schools are good. There are a variety of activities and amenities available, and the cost of living is affordable.

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