If you’re looking for kid-friendly things to do in Seogwipo, there’s plenty to keep the little ones occupied. For starters, Olleh Market is a great place to find fresh produce and tasty snacks. There’s also the Hallyu village, where you can learn all about Korean pop culture, and the Teddy Bear Museum, where kids can explore and play with over 1,000 teddy bears.

For an educational and cultural experience, consider visiting the Seogwipo Maedeup Folk Village. This open-air museum showcases traditional Korean houses, equipments, and daily life objects from the Joseon period. The village also holds delightful events throughout the year, like the Lotus Festival in July and the Music and Food Festival in October.

Of course, no visit to Seogwipo would be complete without a trip to Jeju Island. The island is home to some of Korea’s most beautiful scenery, including dramatic cliffs, mossy forests, and black sand beaches. There’s also plenty of kid-friendly activities, like hiking, biking, and visiting the Teddybear Farm.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Seogwipo, South Korea

1. Seongsan Ilchulbong: Also known as Sunrise peak, Seongsan Ilchulbong is one of the most popular attractions in Seogwipo. The volcano crater is a great place to hike and the view from the top is stunning.

2. Hyeopjae Beach: This beautiful black sand beach is a great place to relax and take in the amazing views.

3. Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls: The Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls are a must-see when in Seogwipo. The falls are made even more beautiful by the lush greenery that surrounds them.

4. Jeongbang Waterfalls: Another must-see waterfall in Seogwipo, the Jeongbang Waterfalls are unique in that they plunge directly into the sea.

5. Olle Trails: There are a number of Olle Trails in Seogwipo and they are all beautiful. The trails wind through lush landscapes and offer stunning views.

6. Oedolgae Rock: Oedolgae Rock is a unique rock formation that is one of the most popular photo spots in Seogwipo.

7. Soesokkak Estuary: The Soesokkak Estuary is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

8. Manjanggul Lava Tube: The Manjanggul Lava Tube is a must-see for any nature lover. The lava tube is one of the largest in the world and is truly a wonder of nature.

9. Spirited Garden: The Spirited Garden is a beautiful park that is perfect for a leisurely stroll.

10. Seonyudo Island: Seonyudo Island is a small island off the coast of Seogwipo that is a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning views.


1.What Is The Population Of Seogwipo?

As of December 2018, the population of Seogwipo is approximately 83,000.

2.What Is The Climate Like In Seogwipo?

Seogwipo has a subtropical climate, with cool winters and hot, humid summers.

3.What Is The Average Temperature In Seogwipo?

The average temperature in Seogwipo is 19.2 degrees Celsius.

4.What Is The Highest Mountain In Seogwipo?

The highest mountain in Seogwipo is Mt. Hallasan, which is also the highest mountain in South Korea.

5.What Is The Lowest Point In Seogwipo?

The lowest point in Seogwipo is Sea level.

6.What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Seogwipo?

The best time of year to visit Seogwipo is from April to October.

7.What Are Some Of The Popular Tourist Attractions In Seogwipo?

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Seogwipo include Jungmun Beach, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, Jeju Teddy Bear Museum, and Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak).

8.What Is The Currency Used In Seogwipo?

The currency used in Seogwipo is the South Korean won.

9.What Is The History Of Seogwipo?

Seogwipo was first settled during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) and became a city in 1946.

10.How Do I Get To Seogwipo?

There are two main ways to get to Seogwipo: by air or by ferry.

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