Kid Friendly Things To Do In Saint-Dizier, France

If you’re looking for kid friendly activities in Saint-Dizier, France, you won’t be disappointed. From hiking and biking trails to playgrounds and splash pads, there’s plenty to keep the little ones entertained. For a taste of nature, head to Parc de la Marque, where you can explore the hiking trails, picnic in the park, and spot some of the local wildlife. If your kids are into sports, they’ll love spending a day at the Saint-Dizier Sports Complex, where they can swim, play tennis, or go for a run. And for a fun day out, don’t miss the Saint-Dizier Aquatic Centre, where you can cool off in the pool, try your hand at water sports, or just relax in the sun.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Saint-Dizier, France

1. Visit the Château de Saint-Dizier

This imposing castle is one of Saint-Dizier’s most popular tourist attractions. Built in the 13th century, the château has been beautifully preserved and is now open to the public. Kids will love exploring the castle’s many rooms and courtyards, and the on-site museum is also worth a visit.

2. Take a boat ride on the Canal de Saint-Dizier

The Canal de Saint-Dizier is a great way to see the town from a different perspective. There are a number of boat operators offering trips along the canal, and it’s a fun activity for the whole family.

3. Go for a hike in the nearby Vosges Mountains

Just a short drive from Saint-Dizier are the stunning Vosges Mountains. This is a great destination for a family hike, and there are plenty of trails to choose from. You can even take a cable car up to the top of the mountains for some breathtaking views.

4. Visit the Saint-Dizier Zoo

The Saint-Dizier Zoo is a great place to spend a few hours with the kids. There’s a wide variety of animals on display, as well as a petting zoo and a playground. The zoo is also home to a restaurant, so you can refuel after a day of exploring.

5. Play some mini golf at Golfy

Golfy is a mini golf course located in the town centre. It’s perfect for a quick round with the kids, and there’s also a coffee shop on-site if you need a break.

6. Go for a swim at the Aquatic Centre

The Aquatic Centre is a great place to cool off on a hot day. There’s a 25-metre pool, a kids’ pool, and a range of other facilities, including a sauna and a steam room.

7. Have some fun at the Maison des Loisirs

The Maison des Loisirs is a leisure centre that offers a range of activities for the whole family. There’s a climbing wall, a trampoline park, and an indoor playground, as well as a number of sports courts.

8.Explore the Saint-Dizier Market

The Saint-Dizier Market is a great place to find fresh produce and local specialities. It’s held every Wednesday and Saturday, and it’s a great way to experience the town’s vibrant atmosphere.

9. learn about the town’s history at the Museum of Saint-Dizier

The Museum of Saint-Dizier is a great place to learn about the town’s history. The museum is located in the former town hall, and it houses a range of interesting exhibits.

10. Sample some local wine at a vineyard

Saint-Dizier is located in the heart of France’s Champagne region, so it’s the perfect place to sample some of the local wine. There are a number of vineyards located nearby, and many offer tours and tastings.


1. What Is The Population Of Saint-Dizier?

As of the last census, the population of Saint-Dizier was 52,636 people.

2. What Is The History Of Saint-Dizier?

Saint-Dizier has a long and rich history dating back to the Roman era. The town was first mentioned in a document from the year 533, though it is believed to have been settled even earlier. Saint-Dizier was an important stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela and also served as a strategic fortress town during the Hundred Years’ War.

3. What Are The Main Attractions In Saint-Dizier?

Some of the main attractions in Saint-Dizier include the Saint-Dizier Chateau, the Gothic Saint Nicolas Church, and the Notre Dame de Bon Secours Basilica.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Saint-Dizier?

Saint-Dizier has a continental climate with cold winters and hot, humid summers.

5. What Is The Economy Of Saint-Dizier Like?

The economy of Saint-Dizier is largely based on the automotive and aerospace industries.

6. What Is The Education System Like In Saint-Dizier?

The education system in Saint-Dizier is good, with a number of primary and secondary schools as well as a vocational college.

7. What Are The Transportation Options In Saint-Dizier?

There are a number of transportation options in Saint-Dizier, including bus, train, and air.

8. What Is The Healthcare Like In Saint-Dizier?

There are a number of good hospitals and medical facilities in Saint-Dizier.

9. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Saint-Dizier?

The crime rate in Saint-Dizier is relatively low.

10. What Are The Main Points Of Interest In Saint-Dizier?

In addition to the attractions already mentioned, other points of interest in Saint-Dizier include the Museum of the Renaissance, the Regional Natural Park of the wetland of the Orient, and the Saint-Dizier Golf Club.

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