There’s plenty for kids to do in Ringsted! For starters, they can explore the restored castle ruins and learn all about Denmark’s history. Or, they can take a leisurely stroll (or bike ride) through the adjoining park. Kids will also enjoy visiting the Open Air Museum, which reconstructs Danish village life from the past. And don’t forget the playgrounds! There are several located throughout the town, so kids can run, jump and play to their heart’s content. Finally, families can enjoy a lovely picnic in one of Ringsted’s many green spaces.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Ringsted, Denmark

1. Visit the Kringelborg Castle.
2. Take a walk through the Ringsted Cathedral.
3. Visit the Viking Museum.
4. Go on a nature walk through the Ringsted Woods.
5. Visit the Ringsted Monastery.
6. Have a picnic in one of Ringsted’s parks.
7. Visit the Ringsted town square.
8. Ride bikes around town.
9. Buy some ice cream from one of the local ice cream shops.
10. Play in the playgrounds at one of the local parks.


1. What Is The Population Of Ringsted, Denmark?

As of 2016, the population of Ringsted was 26,964.

2. What Is The History Of Ringsted?

The first recorded history of Ringsted dates back to the Viking age, when it served as a royal estate and a market town. Since then, it has been an important center for trade and industry, as well as a hub for transportation.

3. What Are The Main Attractions In Ringsted?

Some of the main attractions in Ringsted include the Ringsted Abbey, the Museum of Ringsted, and the Ringsted Carnival.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Ringsted?

The climate in Ringsted is mild, with cool summers and mild winters.

5. What Is The Economy Like In Ringsted?

The economy of Ringsted is based on trade, industry, and transportation.

6. What Is The Education System Like In Ringsted?

The education system in Ringsted is good, with several schools and colleges in the town.

7. What Is The Healthcare System Like In Ringsted?

The healthcare system in Ringsted is good, with several hospitals and clinics in the town.

8. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Ringsted?

The crime rate in Ringsted is low, and the town is considered to be a safe place to live.

9. What Are The Transportation Options In Ringsted?

The transportation options in Ringsted include buses, trains, and taxis.

10. What Is The Cost Of Living In Ringsted?

The cost of living in Ringsted is moderate.

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