Randfontein is a gold mining town in the West Rand, Gauteng, South Africa, 40 km (25 mi) west of Johannesburg. With the Witwatersrand gold rush in full swing, mining financier JB Robinson bought the farm Randfontein and, in 1889, floated the Randfontein Estates Gold Mining Company. The town is built on the Western Highveld, about 1,600 m (5,250 ft) above sea level. The United extends eastward to the little town of Carletonville. The southern section of the West Wits Line lies to the south of the town.

There are a few things to do with kids in Randfontein. The Randfontein Nature Reserve is home to a variety of animals including zebra, wildebeest, blesbok, impala, and ostrich. Visitors can take a walk or drive through the reserve to see the animals. The Cradle of Humankind is a World Heritage Site located just outside of Randfontein. The site contains a number of caves which have yielded a large number of hominin fossils, making it an important place for the study of human evolution. The Sterkfontein Caves, in particular, are open to the public and offer guided tours.

For a more urban experience, Silverstar Casino is a popular entertainment spot in Randfontein. The casino has a kids zone with arcade games, ten-pin bowling, and laser tag. There is also a movie theater and a number of restaurants on site.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Randfontein, South Africa

1. Visit the Randfontein Nature Reserve for a day of hiking and picnicking.

2. Head to the Randfontein Heritage Park for a look at some of the area’s historical buildings.

3. Stop by the Meyersdal Nature Reserve for a day of birdwatching and hiking.

4. Visit the Krugersdorp Game Reserve for a day of safari fun.

5. Head to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve for a day of big game watching.

6. take a dip in the Sterkfontein Dam, South Africa’s largest dam.

7. Visit the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden for a day of exploring the area’s flora and fauna.

8. Head to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site for a look at some of the oldest hominin fossils in the world.

9. Visit the Kromdraai Gold Mine for a look at some of the area’s gold mining history.

10. Stop by the South African National Heritage Sites for a look at some of the country’s most important historical and cultural sites.


1.What Is The Population Of Randfontein?

The population of Randfontein is 128,513 according to the 2016 census.

2.What Is The Climate Like In Randfontein?

The climate in Randfontein is semi-arid with hot summers and cool winters. The average temperature is 18.6 degrees Celsius.

3.What Is The Economy Of Randfontein Based On?

The economy of Randfontein is based on gold mining and agriculture.

4.What Is The History Of Randfontein?

Randfontein was founded in 1890, and is one of the oldest towns in the West Rand.

5.What Are Some Of The Tourist Attractions In Randfontein?

Some of the tourist attractions in Randfontein include the Randfontein Golf Club, the Domesday Book, and the Kloofendal Nature Reserve.

6.What Are The Schools Like In Randfontein?

There are a variety of schools in Randfontein, including government schools, private schools, and international schools.

7.How Safe Is Randfontein?

Randfontein is a relatively safe town, but like any other town, there is always crime.

8.What Is The Nightlife Like In Randfontein?

Randfontein does not have a very active nightlife, but there are a few bars and nightclubs.

9.What Is The Transportation Like In Randfontein?

Randfontein has a good transportation infrastructure, with a variety of ways to get around, including taxis, buses, and cars.

10.What Is The Healthcare Like In Randfontein?

Randfontein has a number of hospitals and clinics, as well as a 24-hour emergency service.

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