Ramotswa is a great place for families with kids! There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. For starters, visit the Botswana National Museum to learn about the country’s history and culture. The Ramotswa Round House is another great option and provides stunning views of the city. Other great activities include camel rides, horseback riding, and safari tours. Plus, there are plenty of parks and playgrounds around the city for when you need a break from the heat.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Ramotswa, Botswana

1. Visit the Kgosigadi cattle post to see traditional Botswana life
2. Take a game drive in the nearby Mahana Game Reserve
3. Visit the Tswana people at the nearby village of Botsalano
4. Go on a safari in the Moremi Game Reserve
5. Take a boat ride on the Chobe River
6. Visit the Tsodilo Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
7. Take a walk through the Kalahari Desert
8. Visit the Mmamagwa hot springs
9. Learn about traditional bush medicine at the Kgathi healsers’ village
10. Go on a night drive to see nocturnal animals


1. What Is The Capital Of Botswana?

The capital of Botswana is Gaborone.

2. What Is The Population Of Botswana?

The population of Botswana is estimated to be 2,313,620.

3. What Is The Currency Of Botswana?

The currency of Botswana is the Botswana Pula (BWP).

4. What Is The Desert Located In Botswana?

The Kalahari Desert is located in Botswana.

5. What Is The Highest Point In Botswana?

The highest point in Botswana is Tsodilo Hills, which reaches 1,489 meters (4,878 feet).

6. What Is The Lowest Point In Botswana?

The lowest point in Botswana is the Okavango Delta, which is at an elevation of 400 meters (1,312 feet).

7. What Is The Primary Language Spoken In Botswana?

The primary language spoken in Botswana is Setswana.

8. What Are The Major Religions Practiced In Botswana?

The major religions practiced in Botswana are Christianity and Islam.

9. What Is The Average Life Expectancy In Botswana?

The average life expectancy in Botswana is 64 years.

10. What Are Some Of The Main Tourist Attractions In Botswana?

Some of the main tourist attractions in Botswana are the Okavango Delta, the Chobe National Park, and the Makgadikgadi Pans.

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