Kid Friendly Things To Do In Provo, Utah

Assuming you would like a list of kid friendly activities in Provo, Utah:

Kids can enjoy exploring the Rock Canyon Park, going on a hike to see the waterfall, visiting the Brigham Young Historic Park, going to the Seven Peaks Water Park, playing at the Rotary Park, or riding bikes on the Provo River Parkway Trail. The Covey Center for the Arts offers rotating art exhibits and classes for kids, and the Utah County Children’s Choir practices nearby. The McKay Events Center is also home to BYU sporting events, as well as circus performances and other shows throughout the year. For a unique experience, kids can visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity, where they can learn about the natural world through hands-on exhibits.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Provo, Utah

1. The Museum of Natural Curiosity is a great place for kids to learn about nature and science.

2. The Seven Peaks Water Park is perfect for a hot day, with slides and a lazy river.

3. The Provo City Center Temple is a beautiful place to visit, and kids will love the expansive grounds.

4. Timpanogos Cave National Monument is a great place to explore and learn about the cave systems.

5. Bridal Veil Falls is a stunning waterfall that kids will love seeing.

6. Rock Canyon Park is perfect for a nature hike and explore the canyon.

7. Provo River Parkway is a great place to go for a walk or bike ride with the family.

8. The BYU Creamery is a must-visit for ice cream lovers, and kids will love all the flavors.

9. The Utah Lake State Park is a great place to spend a day, with boating, fishing, and swimming.

10. The Cascade Swimming Pool is perfect for a cooling dip on a hot day.


1. What Is Provo, Utah Known For?

Provo, Utah is known for several things, including being the home of Brigham Young University, as well as the Provo Canyon. The city is also known for its lively music and arts scene, and for its outdoor recreation opportunities.

2. What Is The Population Of Provo, Utah?

The population of Provo, Utah is approximately 118,000.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Provo, Utah?

The climate in Provo, Utah is generally mild, with four distinct seasons. Summers are typically warm and dry, while winters are cold and snowy.

4. What Are The Main Industries In Provo, Utah?

The main industries in Provo, Utah include education, healthcare, and technology.

5. What Are The Top Attractions In Provo, Utah?

The top attractions in Provo, Utah include Brigham Young University, the Provo Canyon, and the Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

6. What Are The Best Restaurants In Provo, Utah?

Some of the best restaurants in Provo, Utah include Communal, Pizzeria Seven Twelve, and La Jolla Groves.

7. What Are The Best Shopping Opportunities In Provo, Utah?

The best shopping opportunities in Provo, Utah can be found at the University Mall and the Provo Towne Centre.

8. What Are The Best Things To Do For Nightlife In Provo, Utah?

Some of the best things to do for nightlife in Provo, Utah include catching a show at the Covey Center for the Arts or heading to one of the city’s many bars and clubs.

9. What Are The Best Outdoor Activities In Provo, Utah?

The best outdoor activities in Provo, Utah include hiking and biking in the Provo Canyon, skiing and snowboarding at Sundance Resort, and rafting on the Provo River.

10. What Are The Best Hotels In Provo, Utah?

Some of the best hotels in Provo, Utah include the Kimball Bed & Breakfast, the Marriott Provo Hotel & Conference Center, and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Provo.

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