If you’re looking for kid friendly things to do in Porur, India, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of activities to keep your little ones occupy, whether it’s exploring one of the many temples, going on a safari, or playing in one of the many parks.

One of the most popular kid friendly attractions in Porur is the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and is one of the most important Vaishnavite temples in South India. The temple is located on an island in the Cauvery river, and can be reached by taking a boat from the shore. Once you’re at the temple, you can explore the intricate carvings and sculptures, and learn about the history of the temple.

If your kids are more adventurous, they might enjoy going on a safari at the Vandalur Zoo. Here, they can see a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, and elephants. There are also several playgrounds and a petting zoo, so your kids can burn off some energy.

For a more relaxed activity, you can take your kids to one of Porur’s many parks. There’s the Central Park, which has a lake and a playground, or the Kishkinta Theme Park, which has rides and games. Whichever park you choose, your kids are sure to have a blast.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Porur, India

1. Play at Murugan Temple: The Murugan Temple is a great place for kids to explore and learn about India’s culture and religion. It is also a beautiful place to take pictures.

2. Visit the Crocodile Bank: The Crocodile Bank is a great place to learn about reptiles and see some of the world’s most dangerous crocodiles up close.

3. Play at the Beach: Porur has some great beaches where kids can play in the sand, build sandcastles, and splash in the water.

4. Visit the Museum: The Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of India.

5. Visit the Zoo: The Zoo is a great place to see animals from all over the world.

6. Take a Camel Ride: Camel rides are a great way to explore the desert and get a unique experience.

7. Ride an Elephant: Riding an elephant is a once in a lifetime experience that your kids will never forget.

8. Visit a Tea Plantation: A visit to a tea plantation is a great way to learn about how tea is made and to see the beautiful scenery.

9. Go on a Boat Ride: A boat ride is a great way to see the sights and sounds of Porur from the water.

10. Visit the Spice Market: The Spice Market is a great place to learn about the different spices used in Indian cuisine and to get a taste of the exotic flavors.


1. What Is The Population Of Porur?

As of the 2011 census, Porur had a population of 247,317.

2. What Is The Average Temperature In Porur?

The average temperature in Porur is 26.4 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is The Average Rainfall In Porur?

The average rainfall in Porur is 1027.4 mm.

4. What Is The History Of Porur?

Porur has a long and rich history dating back to the Chola dynasty. It was an important town during the rule of the Pallavas and the Vijayanagar Empire. Porur was also the site of the Battle of Ponnalai, which was fought between the French and the British in 1746.

5. What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Porur?

Some of the major tourist attractions in Porur include the Porur Lake, the Sri Ramakrishna Math, the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, and the Chennai Trade Centre.

6. What Are The Best Things To Do In Porur?

Some of the best things to do in Porur include exploring the Porur Lake, visiting the Sri Ramakrishna Math, and paying homage at the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

7. What Are The Best Places To Eat In Porur?

Some of the best places to eat in Porur include the Hotel Sangeetha, the Saravana Bhavan, and the Annapurna Restaurant.

8. What Is The Nightlife Like In Porur?

Porur has a vibrant nightlife with a number of bars and clubs located around the town. some of the most popular nightspots include the Clubhouse, the Rockhouse, and the Fever Club.

9. What Are The Shopping Options In Porur?

Porur has a number of shopping options, including the Chennai Trade Centre, the Spencer Plaza, and theambattur Clothing Market.

10. What Are The Transportation Options In Porur?

Porur is well-connected by a network of roads and railways. The town has its own railway station and is also served by the Chennai International Airport.

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