Pomerode is a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil. Pomerode is known for its German-Brazilian culture and traditions. The city was founded in 1862 by German immigrants and has a strong German influence. Many of the residents still speak German and celebrate German customs. Visitors can learn about the German culture and traditions at the Pomerode Museum or take a German language class. Pomerode is also home to the largest Oktoberfest celebration in Brazil. The festival takes place in October and features traditional German food, music, and dance. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic nature of Pomerode, which is located in the foothills of the Serra do Rio do Rastro. The city has several parks and hiking trails. Families can also enjoy the Pomerode Zoo, which is home to over 100 animals from Brazil and around the world.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Pomerode, Brazil

1. Take a hike through Parque Nacional da Ilha do Cardoso
2. Visit the Museu da Emigracao e Colonizacao
3. Stroll through the charming old-town streets of Pomerode
4. Visit the Teatro Municipal Pomerode
5. Have a picnic lunch in Parque Parque das Palmeiras
6. Go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of rio Itajaí-Açu
7. Visit the happening city of Joinville
8. Stop by the quaint little town of Blumenau
9. Take a tour of the Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Church
10. Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the Morro da Boa Vista


1. What Is The Population Of Pomerode?

The population of Pomerode is 21,836, according to the 2010 census.

2. What Is The Average Temperature In Pomerode?

The average temperature in Pomerode is 22.4 degrees Celsius, according to Weatherbase.

3. What Is The Currency Of Brazil?

The currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real (BRL).

4. What Is The Time Zone Of Pomerode?

Pomerode is in the Brasilia Time Zone (BRT), which is UTC-3.

5. What Is The Elevation Of Pomerode?

The elevation of Pomerode is 930 meters, according to the GeoNames database.

6. What Is The Area Code Of Pomerode?

The area code of Pomerode is 47, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Communications.

7. What Is The Postal Code Of Pomerode?

The postal code of Pomerode is 88360-000, according to the Brazilian Postal Service.

8. What Is The Website Of The Pomerode City Hall?

The website of the Pomerode City Hall is http://www.pomerode.sc.gov.br/.

9. How Do I Call Pomerode From Abroad?

To call Pomerode from abroad, you must dial the international access code for Brazil (55), followed by the area code (47), and then the eight-digit phone number.

10. What Are Some Sights To See In Pomerode?

Some sights to see in Pomerode include the Goetheanum Center, the Pomerode Zoo, and the Walsroder Haengebruecke.

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