There are plenty of fun things for kids to do in Plainfield, Iowa! For starters, the city is home to a number of parks perfect for outdoor play, including Oleson Park, which features a playground, basketball courts, and a picnic shelter. Additionally, the Colby Park Splash Pad is a great place to cool off on hot days. The Plainfield Public Library is also a great resource for kids, offering story times, book clubs, and a variety of children’s programs. And, of course, there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, like the Dairy Queen or Sonic Drive-In.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Plainfield, Iowa

1. Watch a movie at the Plainfield Opera House: The Plainfield Opera House first opened its doors in 1910 and is now a historic landmark in the city. The Opera House has been restored and now operates as a movie theater, showing both new releases and classic films.

2. Go fishing at the Plainfield Public Fishing Pond: The Plainfield Public Fishing Pond is a 2-acre pond that is stocked with fish and open to the public for fishing. The pond is located in Stringham Park and also has a playground and picnic areas.

3. Attend a show at the Grin & Grow Theater: The Grin & Grow Theater is a children’s theater that offers shows throughout the year. The theater is located in the former Grinnell High School gymnasium and also houses a museum.

4. Visit the Plainfield Public Library: The Plainfield Public Library is a cozy library that offers a variety of books, magazines, and DVDs for all ages. The library also has free Wi-Fi and computers with internet access.

5. Check out the animals at the Williamsburg Area Animal Shelter: The Williamsburg Area Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter that houses dogs, cats, and other small animals. The shelter offers adoption services, and all of the animals are spayed or neutered.

6. Hunt for fossils at the James Site: The James Site is a paleontological site that contains the fossilized remains of an ancient sea creature. The site is located on the banks of the Cedar River and is open to the public for fossil hunting.

7. Go for a hike at the Williamsburg Nature Center: The Williamsburg Nature Center is a nature preserve that offers hiking trails, a playground, and a picnic area. The nature center is also home to a variety of animals, including ducks, geese, and turtles.

8. Play mini golf at Tee-A-Time Golf: Tee-A-Time Golf is an indoor mini golf course that offers 18 holes of fun. The course is located in the basement of the Williamsburg Recreation Center and also has an arcade.

9. Visit the Plainfield Aquatic Center: The Plainfield Aquatic Center is a public swimming pool that is open year-round. The pool has a diving board, a water slide, and a kiddie pool.

10. Get ice cream at Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen is a fast food restaurant that is best known for its ice cream. Dairy Queen offers a variety of ice cream flavors, as well as ice cream cakes and milkshakes.


1. What Is Plainfield, Iowa?

Plainfield is a city in Iowa with a population of about 2,500 people. It is located in the eastern part of the state, about 30 miles from the Mississippi River.

2. What Is The History Of Plainfield, Iowa?

The first settlers arrived in the area that would become Plainfield in 1836, and the city was officially incorporated in 1851. The early years of the city were marked by growth and prosperity, as the city became a major center for agricultural trade. However, the city began to decline in the early 20th century, as the railroad bypassed Plainfield and the city’s businesses began to move to larger nearby cities.

3. What Is The Climate Of Plainfield, Iowa?

Plainfield has a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. What Are The Demographics Of Plainfield, Iowa?

About 84% of the population of Plainfield is white, 11% is Hispanic or Latino, and 3% is African American. The median household income is about $50,000.

5. What Are The Schools In Plainfield, Iowa?

There are two schools in Plainfield: Plainfield Elementary School and Plainfield High School. Both schools are part of the Plainfield Community School District.

6. What Are The Major Attractions In Plainfield, Iowa?

Some of the major attractions in Plainfield include the Wapsipinicon Mill, the Wapsipinicon State Park, and the Wapsipinicon Country Club.

7. What Are The Major Industries In Plainfield, Iowa?

The major industries in Plainfield include agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

8. What Is The Cost Of Living In Plainfield, Iowa?

The cost of living in Plainfield is about average for the Midwest United States. The median home cost is about $100,000, and the median household income is about $50,000.

9. What Is The Crime Rate In Plainfield, Iowa?

The crime rate in Plainfield is about average for the United States.

10. What Are The Best Things About Living In Plainfield, Iowa?

Some of the best things about living in Plainfield include the friendly small-town atmosphere, the low cost of living, and the beautiful scenery.

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