There’s plenty for kids to do in Pineville, Louisiana! For starters, the kids can explore the Alexandria Zoological Park, which is home to over 500 animals from all over the world. Kids can also splash around at the Pineville Splash Pad, or take a nature hike at the Kisatchie National Forest. If your kids are looking for a thrill, they can check out theParagon Casino Resort, where they can ride go-karts, play laser tag, or test their luck at the casino. And, of course, no visit to Pineville would be complete without a stop at the famous Louisiana Museum of natural History, which has exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to Louisiana swamps.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Pineville, Louisiana

1. Kids can enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing at the Pineville Recreation and Nature Park.

2. The Kress Family Memorial Park and Splash Pad is perfect for a hot day, with its water features and playground equipment.

3. The Alexander Fulton Mini Park is a great place to run around and play, with its open grassy areas and basketball courts.

4. The Pineville Sports Complex is perfect for active kids, with its baseball, softball, and soccer fields, as well as a walking trail.

5. The Bobby Jindal Boulevard Walking Trail is a great place to get some exercise, with its scenic views of the Red River.

6. The Bead Fest at the Louisiana Maneuvers and Military Museum is a great opportunity for kids to make their own beads and jewelry.

7. The Louisiana Art and Folk Festival is a great place to see some of the artwork created by local artists, as well as enjoy live music and dance performances.

8. The Pineville Heritage Festival is a great place to learn about the history of Pineville, with its many exhibits and demonstrations.

9. The Winter Wonderland on the Levee is a great place to see the holiday lights and decorations in Pineville.

10. The Pineville Mardi Gras Parade is a great way to see the floats and catch some beads during Mardi Gras season.


1. What Is The History Of Pineville, Louisiana?

Pineville is a city in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, United States. It is adjacent to the much larger city of Alexandria, the parish seat. Originally incorporated in 1838, Pineville was re-chartered in 1857 and again in 1875. The city’s original name was “Pine Grove,” but the name was changed to “Pineville” in 1836 when the post office was established.

2. How Did Pineville, Louisiana Get Its Name?

The city of Pineville, Louisiana was named for the pine trees that grow in the area.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Pineville, Louisiana?

Pineville has a humid subtropical climate, with an average yearly temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. What Is The Population Of Pineville, Louisiana?

The population of Pineville, Louisiana as of the 2010 census is 14,555.

5. What Is The Economy Of Pineville, Louisiana Like?

The economy of Pineville, Louisiana is diverse, with the largest industries being healthcare, education, retail, and tourism.

6. What Are The Top Attractions In Pineville, Louisiana?

The top attractions in Pineville, Louisiana are the Alexandria Zoo, thearts and science center at Louisiana State University of Alexandria, and the Alexandria Museum of Art.

7. What Are The Schools In Pineville, Louisiana Like?

The schools in Pineville, Louisiana are part of the Rapides Parish School District. There are a total of fourteen schools in the district, eleven of which are located within the city limits of Pineville.

8. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Pineville, Louisiana?

The crime rate in Pineville, Louisiana is lower than the national average, and the city is considered to be a safe place to live.

9. What Is The Housing Market Like In Pineville, Louisiana?

The housing market in Pineville, Louisiana is diverse, with options for both buyers and renters.

10. Are There Any Major Transportation Options In Pineville, Louisiana?

Major transportation options in Pineville, Louisiana include the Alexandria International Airport, Greyhound Bus Lines, and Amtrak.

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