There is plenty for kids to do in Petarukan, Indonesia. From playing in the many parks, to exploring the numerous temples, to enjoying the delicious food, there is something for everyone.

In the parks, kids can explore, play games, and climb on the playground equipment. There are also a few water parks in town, which are great for cooling off on hot days. The temples are another big attraction for kids, as they are filled with bright colors, statues, and often have interactive displays. Finally, the food is a huge draw for kids, as there are so many delicious options to choose from.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Petarukan, Indonesia

#1 Visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a huge statue complex that is still under construction. When finished, it will be the tallest statue in Indonesia and one of the tallest in the world. The statue depicts the Hindu god Vishnu riding on the back of the mythical bird Garuda. There is a Visitors Centre and an cable car that takes visitors up to the base of the statue.

#2 Visit the Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the south coast of Java. It is a great place for swimming, sunbathing and surfing. There are also a number of warungs (traditional food stalls) along the beach where you can try the local seafood.

#3 Go White Water Rafting in Cangar

Cangar is a small town in the mountains of West Java. It is the starting point for many white water rafting trips down the Cisangkuy river. There are a number of tour operators in Cangar that can organise trips for you.

#4 Visit the Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built in the 9th century and is covered in intricate carvings and reliefs. The temple can be reached by taking a tour from nearby Yogyakarta.

#5 Go Trekking in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park is a large nature reserve in West Java. It is popular with hikers and there are a number of well-marked trails to follow. The park is also home to a number of rare animals, such as the Javan gibbon and the silvery lutung.

#6 Visit the Dieng Plateau

The Dieng Plateau is a highland area in Central Java. It is home to a number of volcanoes, lakes and hot springs. The plateau can be reached by taking a tour from nearby Yogyakarta.

#7 Go Surfing in Bali

Bali is the most popular surf destination in Indonesia. There are a number of good surfing beaches, such as Kuta and Legian. Most of the surf schools in Bali offer beginner lessons.

#8 Visit the Taman Sari Water Palace

The Taman Sari Water Palace is a series of artificial pools and waterways that was built in the 18th century. It was once the pleasure garden of the Sultan of Yogyakarta. The Taman Sari can be reached by taking a tour from nearby Yogyakarta.

#9Explore the Ijen Crater

The Ijen volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Java. It is also home to the world’s largest sulfur mine. Visitors can hike to the crater rim and then descend into the crater to see the miners at work.

#10 Take a Cooking Class

Indonesian food is delicious and there are a number of cooking schools in Bali that offer classes for tourists. In a cooking class, you will learn how to cook traditional Indonesian dishes, such as nasi goreng (fried rice) and satay (grilled meat skewers).


1. What Is The History Of Petarukan?

Petarukan is a town located in the Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. It is approximately 100 kilometers from the provincial capital of Semarang. The town is situated on the slope of the Ungaran Mountain at an altitude of approximately 400 meters. The area around Petarukan is renowned for its tobacco production.

2. What Is The Climate Like In Petarukan?

The climate in Petarukan is generally warm and humid. The average temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius.

3. What Is The Economy Of Petarukan Like?

The economy of Petarukan is largely based on agriculture, with tobacco being the main crop. The town is also home to a number of small businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and shops.

4. What Are The People Of Petarukan Like?

The people of Petarukan are friendly and welcoming. Many of the town’s residents are of Javanese descent.

5. What Is The History Of Tobacco Production In Petarukan?

Tobacco production has been an important part of the economy of Petarukan for many years. The town is home to a number of tobacco plantations and factories.

6. What Are The Attractions In Petarukan?

Some of the attractions in Petarukan include the tobacco plantations, the town’s many shops and cafes, and the Ungaran Mountain.

7. What Is The Best Time To Visit Petarukan?

The best time to visit Petarukan is during the dry season, which runs from April to October.

8. How Can I Get To Petarukan?

There are a number of ways to get to Petarukan. The town can be reached by car, bus, or train from Semarang.

9. What Is The Best Way To Get Around Petarukan?

The best way to get around Petarukan is by foot. However, there are also a number of bicycle and motorbike taxis available.

10. What Are Some Of The Things To Do In Petarukan?

Some of the things to do in Petarukan include visiting the tobacco plantations, exploring the town’s shops and cafes, and hiking up the Ungaran Mountain.

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