If you’re looking for kid-friendly things to do in Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options! For starters, you can visit the Oud-Beijerland Polder Museum, which is a great option for rainy days. The museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the area, and your kids will love learning about how the area was once a wetlands. You can also take a boat ride on the Oud-Beijerlandsche Gracht, which is a great way to see the area from a different perspective. If your kids are looking for some outdoor fun, they can burn off some energy at the Playground De Schorre, which features a variety of play equipment and is a great place to explore. No matter what your kids are into, you’re sure to find something to keep them entertained in Oud-Beijerland!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands

1. Visit the Kinderboerderij Oud-Beijerland. The Kinderboerderij is a petting zoo where children can interact with a variety of animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, and chickens.

2. Play at one of the many playgrounds scattered throughout the town.

3. Go for a swim at Zwembad de Hoornse Vaart, an indoor swimming pool with slides, a wading pool, and a sauna.

4. Visit the Oud-Beijerland Museum, which has exhibits on the history of the town and the surrounding area.

5. Watch a movie at Filmhuis Oud-Beijerland, a local movie theater.

6. Play miniature golf at Golf- en Bowlcentrum Oud-Beijerland.

7. Go bowling at Bowlen Oud-Beijerland.

8. Take a walk or bike ride through one of the many parks in town, such as Park Oud-Beijerland or Plantsoen De Beek.

9. Visit the Dierenpark Zoetermeer, a nearby zoo.

10. Splurge on a treat at one of the many cafes or ice cream shops in town.


1. Where Is Oud-Beijerland Located?

Oud-Beijerland is a municipality and a town in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality had a population of 18,546 in 2017, and covers an area of 35.48 km2 (13.69 sq mi).

2. What Is The History Of Oud-Beijerland?

The first record of Oud-Beijerland dates from 1259, when it was mentioned as “Buderslant”. The name “Oud-Beijerland” first appeared in a document from 1450. In the Middle Ages, Oud-Beijerland was a fief of the Van Trump family. In 1492, the heiress of the Van Trump family, Elisabeth van Loon, married Jan van Egmond. As a result of this marriage, Oud-Beijerland came into the possession of the House of Egmond, which ruled it until the family became extinct in the male line in 1539. The town then passed to the Counts of Holland. In 1573, Oud-Beijerland was occupied by the Spanish. The town was liberated in 1574 by the rebellion of the Dutch against the Spanish.

3. What Are The Attractions In Oud-Beijerland?

Some of the attractions in Oud-Beijerland include the Oud-Beijerland Windmill, the Jan van Egmondkade, and the Oud-Beijerlandse Waard.

4. What Is The Oud-Beijerland Windmill?

The Oud-Beijerland Windmill is a windmill that was built in 1667. It is located on the Jan van Egmondkade in Oud-Beijerland. The windmill is open to the public and can be visited.

5. What Is The Jan Van Egmondkade?

The Jan van Egmondkade is a street in Oud-Beijerland named after Jan van Egmond, the Count of Holland who ruled Oud-Beijerland in the 15th century. The street is home to the Oud-Beijerland Windmill.

6. What Is The Oud-Beijerlandse Waard?

The Oud-Beijerlandse Waard is a nature reserve in Oud-Beijerland. The reserve is home to a variety of birds and other wildlife.

7. How Do I Get To Oud-Beijerland?

Oud-Beijerland can be reached by car, train, or bus. The nearest airport is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is located about 30 minutes from Oud-Beijerland.

8. Where Can I Stay In Oud-Beijerland?

There are a few hotels in Oud-Beijerland, such as the Hotel Restaurant De Nachtegaal and the Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Oud-Beijerland.

9. What Is The Climate Like In Oud-Beijerland?

Oud-Beijerland has a temperate climate, with cool winters and mild summers. The average temperature in January is 3.5 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in July is 21.5 degrees Celsius.

10. What Is The Population Of Oud-Beijerland?

The population of Oud-Beijerland was 18,546 in 2017.

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