Ord is the perfect place for a family vacation with plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep everyone happy. Start your trip with a visit to the Chief Standing Bear Museum and Park, where kids can learn about the area’s history and see some of the amazing Native American artifacts on display. Then, head to the Prairie Schoolhouse for a lesson on pioneer life or take a stroll through the beautiful Stuhr Park. For some excitement, visit the Ord Energy Center to see how electricity is generated or take a tour of the nearby Nebraska State Fairgrounds. And, no trip to Ord would be complete without a visit to Warriors’ Park, where kids can explore the playground, have a picnic, or just run around and explore.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Ord, Nebraska

1. Take a walk or bike ride throughone of Ord’s many parks.

2. Ord has a nine-hole golf course, called the Riverside Golf Club, that is perfect for a quick game or two.

3. Visit the Loup River State Recreation Area to go fishing, hiking, or camping.

4. Play some frisbee or catch at one of Ord’s sports fields.

5. Go for a swim at one of Ord’s three public pools.

6. Take a scenic drive or walk through the Sandhills.

7. Visit the Stuhr Museum to learn about the history of the area.

8. Go on a nature walk and look for birds and other wildlife.

9. Visit the grave of Willa Cather, one of Nebraska’s most famous authors.

10. See a play or musical at the Carhenge theater.


1. What Is The Population Of Ord, Nebraska?

According to the 2010 census, the population of Ord, Nebraska is 2,731.

2. What Is The Median Household Income In Ord, Nebraska?

The median household income in Ord, Nebraska is $36,716, according to the 2010 census.

3. What Is The Cost Of Living In Ord, Nebraska?

The cost of living in Ord, Nebraska is relatively low. The median home value is $73,400, and the median rent is $683.

4. What Is The Crime Rate In Ord, Nebraska?

The crime rate in Ord, Nebraska is relatively low. There were only 24 violent crimes reported in 2010, and the property crime rate is also low.

5. What Are The Schools Like In Ord, Nebraska?

The schools in Ord, Nebraska are good. The district has an average high school graduation rate of 89.3%.

6. What Is The Climate Like In Ord, Nebraska?

The climate in Ord, Nebraska is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. The average high in July is 86 degrees, and the average low in January is 18 degrees.

7. What Is The Economy Like In Ord, Nebraska?

The economy in Ord, Nebraska is good. The unemployment rate is low, and the median household income is high.

8. What Is The History Of Ord, Nebraska?

Ord, Nebraska was founded in 1873. It was originally a stop on the Union Pacific Railroad.

9. What Are The Major Attractions In Ord, Nebraska?

Some of the major attractions in Ord, Nebraska include the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, the Nebraska State Fair, and the Phelps Wildlife Safari Park.

10. What Are The Best Things About Living In Ord, Nebraska?

Some of the best things about living in Ord, Nebraska include the low cost of living, the good schools, and the low crime rate.

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