There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Olching, Germany! For starters, the city is home to the Olching Zoo, which is a great place to take the youngsters. There is also a family-friendly park called the Olching Adventure Park, which has a playground, an animal petting area, and a variety of other activities. If your kids are looking for something more adventurous, they can always go tubing down the Olching River. And of course, no visit to Olching would be complete without stopping by the world-famous Bavarian pretzel bakery!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Olching, Germany

1. Take a scenic walk or bike ride through Olching’s picturesque village center.

2. Visit Olching’s charming 18th century city hall.

3. Stop by the Olching History Museum to learn about the town’s rich past.

4. Browse the shops and stalls at Olching’s weekly farmers market.

5. Play a round of miniature golf at Olching’s putt-putt course.

6. Go for a swim at Olching’s outdoor public swimming pool.

7. Enjoy a picnic lunch in one of Olching’s pretty parks.

8. Taste delicious ice cream at Olching’s ice cream parlor.

9. listen to a free concert in Olching’s city square.

10. Watch the sun set over Olching’s picturesque rooftops.


1. What Is The Population Of Olching, Germany?

The population of Olching, Germany is approximately 23,000.

2. What Is The History Of Olching, Germany?

Olching is first mentioned in a document from 857 AD. In the document, a man named Adalbert von Süpplingenburg donated a property in Olching to the Benedictine monks of Tegernsee. In the following centuries, Olching was owned by various noblemen and monasteries. The town became a part of Bavaria in 1802.

3. What Is The Climate Of Olching, Germany?

The climate in Olching is mild with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

4. What Are Some Notable Landmarks In Olching, Germany?

Some notable landmarks in Olching include the Gothic Saint James Church, the Baroque Saint Andrew Church, and the 18th-century town hall.

5. What Is The Economy Of Olching, Germany?

The economy of Olching is largely based on agriculture and small businesses. Tourism is also an important contributor to the economy.

6. What Is The Culture Like In Olching, Germany?

The culture in Olching is a mix of traditional Bavarian culture and modern influences. The town is home to several festivals throughout the year, including the Olching Music Festival and the Olching Carnival.

7. What Is The Cuisine Like In Olching, Germany?

The cuisine in Olching is typical of Bavarian cuisine, which is heavy on meat and potatoes. Some popular dishes include wurst (sausage), käsespätzle (cheese noodles), and leberkäse (a type of meatloaf).

8. What Are Some Things To Do In Olching, Germany?

Some things to do in Olching include exploring the town’s historic churches and buildings, taking a walk or bike ride through the countryside, and enjoying the town’s festivals and events.

9. What Are The Transportation Options In Olching, Germany?

The transportation options in Olching include buses, trains, and cars. Olching is also within close proximity to both Munich International Airport and Munich city centre.

10. Where Can I Find More Information About Olching, Germany?

More information about Olching can be found on the town’s website and in various travel guides.

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