New Ringgold, Pennsylvania is a great place to raise a family. There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep your little ones entertained. The area is home to two state parks, numerous playgrounds, and a variety of family-friendly attractions. State parks offer a variety of activities such as hiking, picnicking, and fishing. The playgrounds are great for getting some exercise, and the family-friendly attractions provide entertainment for all ages. A few of the most popular attractions include the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and the Hershey Chocolate World attraction. There is something for everyone in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In New Ringgold, Pennsylvania

1. Visit the Farmer’s Market: The New Ringgold Farmer’s Market is a great place to take the kids on a Saturday morning. They can pick out their own fresh fruits and vegetables, and you can even get lunch there!

2. Play at the Park: New Ringgold has several great parks for the kids to play in. Memorial Park has a playground, basketball courts, and a picnic pavilion. Clay Street Park has a playground and a walking trail. And the New Ringgold Community Park has a playground, a pavilion, and a ball field.

3. Go Swimming: The New Ringgold swimming pool is open to the public during the summer months. The kids will love cooling off in the pool, and you can even take a swim yourself!

4. Take a Hike: There are several hiking trails in and around New Ringgold. The Appalachian Trail passes right through town, and there are also several shorter trails in the Lehigh Gorge State Park.

5. Visit the Library: The New Ringgold Community Library is a great place to take the kids. They can browse the shelves for their favorite books, and you can even get a library card if you don’t have one already.

6. Play Mini-Golf: New Ringgold is home to two great mini-golf courses – the PA Golf Center and the Holyoke driving range. The kids will have a blast playing a round or two of mini-golf, and you can even get some practice in yourself!

7. Go on a Bike Ride: New Ringgold is a great place to go for a bike ride. There are several scenic bike trails in the area, and you can even rent bikes from the PA Golf Center.

8. Go Fishing: New Ringgold is located in the Lehigh River, which is a great place to go fishing. You can fish from the shore, or you can rent a boat and go out on the river.

9. Have a Picnic: New Ringgold has several great places to have a picnic. Memorial Park and Clay Street Park both have picnic pavilions, or you can even have a picnic in your own backyard.

10. Go for a Walk: New Ringgold is a great place to go for a walk. There are several scenic walking trails in the area, and you can even walk around town.


1. What Is New Ringgold’S History?

New Ringgold is a borough in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 574 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Pottsville Micropolitan Statistical Area.

2. How Did New Ringgold Get Its Name?

The borough was named for Lyman C. Ringgold, a civil engineer who platted the town in 1854.

3. What Is The Climate Like In New Ringgold?

The climate of New Ringgold is humid continental, with cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers.

4. What Is There To Do In New Ringgold?

There are a number of parks and recreation areas in and around New Ringgold, including the Eagle Rock Resort and the Ringgold Roller Rink. The borough also has a number of shops and restaurants.

5. What Are The Schools Like In New Ringgold?

New Ringgold is served by the Panther Valley School District. The borough has one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.

6. How Safe Is New Ringgold?

The crime rate in New Ringgold is very low, and the borough is considered a safe place to live.

7. What Is The Cost Of Living In New Ringgold?

The cost of living in New Ringgold is similar to the national average.

8. What Is The Population Of New Ringgold?

The population of New Ringgold was 574 at the 2010 census.

9. What Are The Demographics Of New Ringgold?

The demographics of New Ringgold are mostly white, with a small Hispanic population.

10. What Is The Zip Code For New Ringgold?

The zip code for New Ringgold is 18078.

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