There’s plenty for families to do in New Harmony, Indiana! The town is home to a number of parks and playgrounds, as well as a children’s museum. Families can also take a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride or go for a paddle in a canoe or kayak on the Wabash River. Other popular activities include visiting the working bees at the historic George Rapp’s Harmonie Mill and taking a tour of the historic New Harmony Cemetery.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In New Harmony, Indiana

1. Visit the New Harmony State Historic Site: This state historic site commemorates the historical significance of New Harmony and its role in the development of the Indiana Territory. The site includes the New Harmony Visitor Center, the Labyrinth and the Atheneum.

2. Take a tour of the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art: This gallery features contemporary art from around the world.

3. Visit the Roofless Church: This church was designed by renowned architect, Richard Meier.

4. Go for a hike in the John Muir Nature Preserve: This nature preserve is home to hiking trails, a stocked fishing pond and a variety of wildlife.

5. Visit the New Harmony Cemetery: This cemetery is the final resting place for many of the original settlers of New Harmony.

6. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride: Carriage rides are available seasonally and are a great way to see the town.

7. Visit the Eros Statue: This statue is a replica of the Greek statue of the same name and is one of the most popular photo spots in town.

8. Go fishing in the Wabash River: The Wabash River is stocked with a variety of fish species and is a popular spot for both fishing and swimming.

9. Visit the Working Men’s Institute: This institute is a museum and library that houses a collection of artifacts and documents relating to the history of New Harmony.

10. Shop at the New Harmony farmers market: The farmers market is open seasonally and features a variety of local produce and products.


1. What Is The History Of New Harmony, Indiana?

New Harmony was established in 1814 by the Harmonie Society, a German religious sect. The Harmonie Society believed in communal living and shared ownership of property, and they succeeded in creating a thriving community in New Harmony. The Society eventually dissolved, and the town was taken over by a group of French utopians. The French utopians also believed in communal living, but they were not as successful as the Harmonie Society and the town eventually declined. In the early 20th century, New Harmony was revived by a group of artists and intellectuals who established the town as a center for the arts.

2. What Is The Population Of New Harmony, Indiana?

As of the 2010 census, the population of New Harmony was 769.

3. What Is The Climate Of New Harmony, Indiana?

New Harmony has a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers.

4. What Are The Main Industries In New Harmony, Indiana?

The main industries in New Harmony are tourism and the arts. The town is home to several art galleries, and it is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

5. What Are The Main Attractions In New Harmony, Indiana?

Some of the main attractions in New Harmony include the William H. Gathercole Museum, the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, and the Atheneum.

6. What Is The Cost Of Living In New Harmony, Indiana?

The cost of living in New Harmony is higher than the average cost of living in the United States. The town has a high concentration of artists and intellectuals, and this has made it a more expensive place to live.

7. What Is The Crime Rate In New Harmony, Indiana?

The crime rate in New Harmony is very low. The town is a very safe place to live, and there is little to no crime.

8. What Are The Schools Like In New Harmony, Indiana?

The schools in New Harmony are small and intimate. The town has two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.

9. What Is The Housing Market Like In New Harmony, Indiana?

The housing market in New Harmony is very limited. The town is small, and there is not a lot of new construction. However, the town is home to many historic properties, and there is a high demand for housing.

10. What Is The Food Like In New Harmony, Indiana?

The food in New Harmony is good. There are several restaurants in town, and the town is home to a farmer’s market.

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