Nelson is a great place for families with young children. There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in the city, as well as many opportunities to get out and explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

One of the most popular kid-friendly attractions in Nelson is the monthly Sunday market. This is a great place to find fresh produce, handmade goods, and live entertainment. Kids will love exploring the stalls and watching the buskers.

The Nelson region is also home to a number of animal sanctuaries and farms, where kids can meet and learn about a variety of different animals. Some of the most popular sanctuaries include the Alpacaly Ever After farm, the Nikau Sanctuary, and the World of Birds wildlife park.

For families looking for an outdoor adventure, the Abel Tasman National Park is a must-visit. there are many different walks and hikes suitable for all fitness levels, as well as plenty of chances to spot native wildlife. Kids will also love visiting the golden sand beaches and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Nelson, New Zealand

1. Visit the World of Penguins at the Nelson City Council’s Natureland Zoo. This hands-on exhibit is home to little blue penguins, as well as other species of penguins and birds.

2. Take a dip in the mineral pools at the Botanical Reserve.

3. Visit the Suter Art Gallery. This gallery has a Kids Pathway program which includes a series of activities and games for children to help them engage with the artwork.

4. Head to Tahunanui Beach for a day of sandcastle building, swimming and picnicking.

5. Ride the antique carousel at the Founders Heritage Park.

6. Visit the Nelson Market on Saturday mornings. This market has a wide variety of fresh produce, arts and crafts, and live music.

7. Get up close and personal with native New Zealand animals at the Wildbase Recovery Centre.

8. Take a scenic walk or cycle along the Nelson Mandela Trail.

9. Visit the World of Insects to learn all about our creepy-crawly friends.

10. Have a Viking Adventure at the Hjalmar Viking Centre.This centre offers axe throwing, archery, and axe grinding, as well as a kids’ play area.


1) What Is The Population Of Nelson, New Zealand?

The population of Nelson is around 46,000.

2) What Is The Climate Like In Nelson?

The climate in Nelson is mild and temperate, with average temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees Celsius in winter to 20-25 degrees Celsius in summer.

3) What Is The Average Rainfall In Nelson?

The average rainfall in Nelson is around 1,200mm per year.

4) What Is The Geography Of Nelson Like?

Nelson is located on the northeastern coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The city is situated on the edge of a large harbour, and is surrounded by mountains.

5) What Is The History Of Nelson?

Nelson was founded in 1841 by British settlers, and was named after Captain Nelson, who had victorious battles in the area during the Napoleonic Wars.

6) What Is The Economy Of Nelson Like?

The economy of Nelson is largely based on agriculture and tourism. The city is also a hub for arts and crafts, and is home to a number of galleries and studios.

7) What Are Some Of The Tourist Attractions In Nelson?

Some of the tourist attractions in Nelson include the World of WearableArt and Classic Cars Museum, the Nelson Provincial Museum, and the Botanical Gardens.

8) What Is The Food Like In Nelson?

The food in Nelson is a reflection of the city’s diverse culture. There are a number of restaurants and cafes that serve international cuisine, as well as traditional New Zealand dishes.

9) What Is The Nightlife Like In Nelson?

The nightlife in Nelson is vibrant and eclectic, with a number of bars, pubs, and clubs that offer something for everyone.

10) What Are Some Of The Events That Take Place In Nelson?

Some of the events that take place in Nelson include the Nelson Jazz Festival, the Nelson Arts Festival, and the Nelson attest Apple Festival.

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