Kid Friendly Things To Do In Natal, Brazil

Natal, Brazil offers many kid friendly activities! The first stop for kids may be the Museum of Natural History, which has interactive exhibits onigators, birds, and other animals of the Natal ecosystem. Another kid friendly activity is to visit the Morro Do Careca, or Bald Hill. This towering hill offers great views of the city, and there is a chairlift that takes visitors to the top. Another activity that both kids and adults will enjoy is exploring the city’s many parks, such as the Parque das Dunas, which has dunes, lagoons, and lush vegetation, or the Atlantic Forest Park, which is home to over 1,000 species of plants and animals. Natal also has a number of beaches, perfect for a day of relaxing or playing in the waves.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Natal, Brazil

1. Situated on the Atlantic Coast, Natal is a great place to spend a day at the beach. There are several beaches to choose from, each with its own unique features. For a swim, sunbathe, or just to take a walk, do not miss the opportunity to go to the beach while in Natal.

2. Visit the Alto de Ponta Negra, a natural Watchtower located in the Ponta Negra district. From the top, you can see the entire city and get a 360 degrees view of the beaches.

3. The Morro do Careca, or “Bald Hill”, is another great spot for panoramic views of the city. The hill is also a great place for hiking, as there are various trails leading up to the top.

4. For a taste of local culture, be sure to visit the Casa de Cultura, a museum dedicated to the history and culture of Natal. The museum has a variety of exhibits, as well as a library and auditorium.

5. Another way to experience the local culture is to attend a show at the Teatro Alberto Maranhão. The theatre hosts a variety of performances, including music, dance, and drama.

6. For something a little different, take a walk through the Parque das Dunas, a sand dune park located just outside the city. The park has a boardwalk that winds through the dunes, providing great views of the surrounding area.

7. If you’re looking for a place to relax, head to the Praia do Meio, a quiet beach located in the middle of the city. The beach is great for swimming, sunbathing, and simply taking in the scenery.

8. For a fun-filled day, head to the Parque das Dunas, where you can ride the sand dunes on toboggans, take a camel ride, or even go sand boarding.

9. Natal is also home to a variety of shops and malls, perfect for a day of retail therapy. For a unique shopping experience, be sure to visit the Mercado Modelo, an open-air market with stalls selling a variety of goods.

10. No trip to Natal would be complete without trying the local food. Be sure to try dishes such as carne de sol (sun-dried beef), moqueca (fish stew), and acarajé (fried black-eyed peas).


1. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Natal?

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Natal include Ponta Negra Beach, Morro do Careca, Genipabu Beach, and Natal City Park.

2. What Is The Weather Like In Natal?

Natal has a tropical climate, with average temperatures of around 28 degrees Celsius. The rainy season usually lasts from October to March.

3. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Natal?

The best time to visit Natal is generally from May to September, when the weather is drier and temperatures are more pleasant.

4. What Is The Currency In Natal?

The currency in Natal is the Brazilian Real (BRL).

5. What Is The Food Like In Natal?

Natal is known for its seafood, as well as dishes such as acaraje (a type of fried bean fritter) and abará (a type of stewed yam).

6. What Language Is Spoken In Natal?

The official language spoken in Natal is Portuguese. However, English is also widely spoken.

7. What Is The Nightlife Like In Natal?

Natal has a lively nightlife scene, with many bars, clubs, and restaurants.

8. What Are Some Tips For Travelling To Natal?

Some tips for travelling to Natal include being aware of crime (particularly pickpocketing), taking care when swimming (due to strong rip currents), and wearing sunscreen and mosquito repellent (due to the hot, sunny weather).

9. What Is The Voltage In Natal?

The voltage in Natal is 220 volts.

10. What Is The Population Of Natal?

The population of Natal is approximately 1.5 million.

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