There are plenty of kid friendly activities to do in Nanuque, Brazil. One popular activity is to take a tour of the local chocolate factory. Kids can learn about how chocolate is made and even get to sample some of the produce. Another popular activity is to visit the city’s animal sanctuary. Here, kids can see a variety of animals up close and learn about their care. Finally, many families enjoy spending time at one of the city’s many parks. Here, kids can play on the playground, run around, and explore the nature trails.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Nanuque, Brazil

1. Visit the Zoobotanico de Nanuque
2. Go on a safari at the Parque Natural Municipal das Emas
3. Tour the historical and cultural sites of Nanuque
4. Visit the Nanuque Waterfalls
5. Play at the Parque Municipal de Nanuque
6. Bike or hike through the trails at the Reserva Ecológica do Pontal do Paranapanema
7. Go fishing at the Lagoa do Cachoeirinha
8. Visit the animal sanctuaries at the Fazenda da Esperança and the Centro de Reabilitação de Animais Silvestres
9. Learn about the local flora and fauna at the Jardim Botânico de Nanuque
10. Take a dip in the natural pools at the Cachoeira da Fumaça


1. What Is The Population Of Nanuque?

The population of Nanuque was estimated to be 62,385 in 2019.

2. What Is The Area Of Nanuque?

The area of Nanuque is approximately 1,062 square kilometers.

3. What Is The History Of Nanuque?

Nanuque was founded in 1846.

4. What Is The Climate Of Nanuque?

Nanuque has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

5. What Are The Economic Activities Of Nanuque?

The economy of Nanuque is based on agriculture, livestock, forestry, and mining.

6. What Are The Tourist Attractions Of Nanuque?

Some of the tourist attractions of Nanuque include the Gruta Rei do Mato, the Cachoeira da Fumaça, and the Parque Ecológico municipal.

7. What Is The Transportation Like In Nanuque?

Nanuque is served by several highways and has an airport located in the city.

8. What Is The Education Like In Nanuque?

Nanuque has several schools and a university located in the city.

9. What Is The Healthcare Like In Nanuque?

Nanuque has several hospitals and clinics located in the city.

10. What Are The Cultural Activities In Nanuque?

Nanuque has several cultural activities and events throughout the year.

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