Mungaoli is a small town in the heart of India and is often referred to as the ‘City of Lakes’. The town is home to numerous lakes and ponds which make it a perfect spot for a family outing. There are also several parks in the town which are perfect for picnics and games. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can head to the nearby hills for a spot of hiking or trekking.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Mungaoli, India

1. Visit the Gandhi Sagar Dam: The Gandhi Sagar Dam is a must-see for anyone visiting Mungaoli. The dam, which is named after Mahatma Gandhi, is the largest in Madhya Pradesh and a popular spot for picnicking and swimming.

2. Take a safari at Van Vihar National Park: Van Vihar National Park is home to a variety of wild animals, including tigers, lions, leopards, and bears. Visitors can take a safari through the park to see the animals up close.

3. Visit the Madhai Sanctuary: The Madhai Sanctuary is a great place to see a variety of bird species, including the rare Indian Peafowl. The sanctuary is also home to other animals, such as deer, wild boar, and leopards.

4. Go fishing at the Tawa Reservoir: The Tawa Reservoir is a great place to go fishing. Visitors can also go swimming, boating, and picnicking at the reservoir.

5. Visit the Bani Thrust Monument: The Bani Thrust Monument is a monument dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle of Bani


1. What Is The History Of Mungaoli?

Mungaoli is a town in Madhya Pradesh state of India. The town is the headquarters of Mungaoli tehsil. It is located in Ashoknagar district, on the bank of Parbati river. The town was founded in the 16th century by Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha state.

2. What Is The Climate Of Mungaoli?

The climate of Mungaoli is tropical. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are cool and pleasant. The monsoon season brings heavy rains to the region.

3. What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Mungaoli?

The major tourist attractions in Mungaoli include the Orchha Fort Complex, Raja Mahal, Raja Ram Temple, and Laxminarayan Temple.

4. What Is The Best Time To Visit Mungaoli?

The best time to visit Mungaoli is from October to March, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

5. How Can I Reach Mungaoli?

Mungaoli can be reached by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is at Gwalior, about 100 km away. The town is also well-connected by road and rail to major cities like Bhopal, Indore, and Jabalpur.

6. What Are The Major Industries In Mungaoli?

The major industries in Mungaoli include textiles, electronics, and chemicals.

7. What Is The Population Of Mungaoli?

As per the 2011 census, Mungaoli has a population of 21,837.

8. What Are The Local Languages Spoken In Mungaoli?

The local languages spoken in Mungaoli include Hindi and Urdu.

9. What Is The Literacy Rate In Mungaoli?

The literacy rate in Mungaoli is about 78%, higher than the national average of 74%.

10. What Are The Famous Food Dishes Of Mungaoli?

Some of the famous food dishes of Mungaoli include Dal Moth, Poha, and Jalebi.

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