Muluppilagadu is a small village located in the Indian state of Kerala. The village is situated on the banks of the river Pamba and is surrounded by lush green fields and coconut trees. There are a number of small temples and shrines located in the village which add to its charm. The village is also home to a number of small shops and businesses.

There are a number of kid friendly things to do in Muluppilagadu. One of the most popular activities is to go on a boat ride on the river Pamba. This is a great way to see the village from a different perspective and to get a closer look at the temples and shrines. There are also a number of small parks and playgrounds located in the village which are perfect for an afternoon of play.

Another popular activity for kids is to visit the local market. Here you can find a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a variety of handcrafted goods. This is a great place to bargain for some souvenirs to take home with you.

If you are looking for a more cultural experience, you can visit the local school and watch the students learn traditional dances and music. This is a great way to see the village’s culture and traditions up close.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Muluppilagadu, India

1. Visit the Spice Plantations

Muluppilagadu is home to some of the best spice plantations in India. The smell of all the spices in the air is sure to be a hit with your kids! You can also take a tour of the spice plantations and learn all about how the spices are grown and processed.

2. Go on a Camel Ride

One of the best ways to see the sights of Muluppilagadu is from the back of a camel! Camel rides are available from many different vendors throughout the city, and your kids are sure to love the experience.

3. Visit the Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid is one of the most iconic landmarks in Muluppilagadu. The beautiful architecture and rich history of this mosque is sure to fascinate your kids.

4. Watch a Bollywood Movie

No trip to India is complete without watching a Bollywood movie! You can find many theaters throughout Muluppilagadu that show Hindi movies.

5. Ride an Elephant

Riding an elephant is an experience that your kids will never forget! You can find elephant rides at many different venues throughout the city.

6. Visit the Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Muluppilagadu. Your kids will love exploring the different rooms and chambers of this massive fort.

7. Feed the Monkeys

There are many monkeys that live in and around Muluppilagadu. You can buy food for them at many different vendors throughout the city, and your kids will love feeding these playful animals.

8. Take a Boat Ride

Muluppilagadu is located on the Ganges River, so there are many opportunities to take boat rides. This is a great way to see the city from a different perspective and your kids are sure to enjoy the ride.

9. Visit the Market

The market is one of the best places to find souvenirs in Muluppilagadu. You can bargain with the vendors for the best prices on all sorts of items, and your kids will love the hustle and bustle of the market.

10. Go on a Rickshaw Ride

A rickshaw ride is a great way to see the city if you don’t want to walk. You can find rickshaws everywhere, and your kids will enjoy the ride through the busy streets of Muluppilagadu.


Muluppilagadu Is A Small Village Located In The Southern State Of Kerala, India. The Village Is Situated On The Banks Of The River Pamba, Which Is A Major Tributary Of The River Periyar. Muluppilagadu Has A Population Of Approximately 2,000 People.

2. What is the history of Muluppilagadu, India?

Muluppilagadu Is Believed To Have Been Founded In The Early 12Th Century By A Group Of Hindu Migrants From The Nearby State Of Tamil Nadu. The Village Was Originally A Part Of The Kingdom Of Travancore, But Later Became A Part Of The Princely State Of Kochi. In 1949, Kochi Merged With The Indian Union.

3. What is the climate like in Muluppilagadu, India?

Muluppilagadu Has A Tropical Climate. The Village Experiences Hot And Humid Weather Conditions Throughout The Year. The Average Temperature Ranges From 22 To 37 Degrees Celsius.

4. What are the major attractions in Muluppilagadu, India?

The Major Attractions In Muluppilagadu Include The Sri Krishna Temple, The Thirupuram

Kulam (temple tank), the Pamba River, and the Vadakkumnathan Temple.

5. What Are The Best Times To Visit Muluppilagadu, India?

The best times to visit Muluppilagadu are from October to March, when the weather is relatively cooler.

6. What Is The Currency Of Muluppilagadu, India?

The currency of Muluppilagadu is the Indian rupee.

7. What Is The Population Of Muluppilagadu, India?

The population of Muluppilagadu is approximately 2,000 people.

8. What Are The Most Popular Dishes In Muluppilagadu, India?

Some of the most popular dishes in Muluppilagadu include Kerala Sadya, an Indian feast consisting of rice and a variety of vegetarian dishes; and Mutton Curry, a spicy curry made with goat meat.

9. What Is The Local Language Spoken In Muluppilagadu, India?

The local language spoken in Muluppilagadu is Malayalam.

10. What Are Some Interesting Facts About Muluppilagadu, India?

Some interesting facts about Muluppilagadu include that the village is home to the Thirupuram Kulam, the largest temple tank in Kerala; and that the Pamba River, which flows through the village, is considered to be holy by Hindus.

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