Moss is a great place for kids! There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Moss, Norway. The city is home to several parks, playgrounds, and museums that are perfect for young children. Families can also enjoy many of the city’s restaurants, cafes, and shops. In addition, Moss is located close to several nature areas, making it easy to get outside and explore.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Moss, Norway

1. Visit the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Moss is a must-see for any history lover. Here you can see two real Viking ships that were used in battle – the Oseberg ship and the Gokstad ship. There are also many other exhibits about Viking life and culture.

2. Go for a hike in the woods

Moss is surrounded by forests, so there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and nature walks. There are also several lakes where you can go swimming or fishing.

3. Visit the Moss Town Museum

The Moss Town Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Moss. There are exhibits on the town’s industry, maritime history, and more.

4. Take a boat ride on the Oslo Fjord

Moss is located on the Oslo Fjord, so there are many opportunities to take boat rides and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

5. Go horseback riding

There are several stables in Moss where you can go horseback riding. This is a great activity for both adults and children.

6. Visit the Mæla Power Plant

The Mæla Power Plant is a hydroelectric power plant that is open to the public. Here you can learn about how the power plant works and see the turbines up close.

7. Play mini golf

There are several mini golf courses in Moss where you can challenge your friends and family to a game.

8. Go Karts

There are also several go-kart tracks in Moss where you can race your friends and family.

9. Paintball

If you’re looking for some adrenaline-pumping fun, then you can go paintballing in Moss.

10. Bowling

Moss also has several bowling alleys where you can enjoy a game with your friends or family.


1. What Is The Population Of Moss, Norway?

The population of Moss, Norway was 24,565 as of 2019.

2. What Is The Geographic Location Of Moss, Norway?

Moss is located in southeastern Norway, about 30 kilometers south of Oslo.

3. What Is The History Of Moss, Norway?

The town of Moss was first founded in the 14th century, and it has been an important regional center ever since.

4. What Is The Climate Of Moss, Norway?

Moss has a temperate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

5. What Are The Major Industries In Moss, Norway?

The major industries in Moss include shipbuilding, manufacturing, and tourism.

6. What Are The Major Attractions In Moss, Norway?

Some of the major attractions in Moss include the Moss Maritime Museum, the Mæla Power Plant, and the Blåfjell Ski Resort.

7. What Is The Transportation Like In Moss, Norway?

Moss is well-connected to the rest of Norway by a network of roads and railways. The town also has its own airport.

8. What Are The Schools Like In Moss, Norway?

Moss has a number of schools, both public and private, that offer a good educational standard.

9. What Is The Healthcare Like In Moss, Norway?

Moss has a high standard of healthcare, with a number of hospitals and clinics serving the town and its surrounding area.

10. What Is The Food Like In Moss, Norway?

Moss has a variety of restaurants that offer both local and international cuisine.

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