There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to enjoy in Montemurlo, Italy. Some of the most popular include visiting the many museums and galleries, taking a ride on the local tram, or exploring the hillside villages. Other popular activities include strolling through the many parks and gardens, playing in the many playgrounds, or visiting one of the many family-friendly restaurants. With so much to see and do, Montemurlo is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Montemurlo, Italy

1. Parco della resistenza- this park is dedicated to the Italian resistance movement and is a great place for kids to learn about Italian history. There are several playgrounds and a large pond where you can feed the ducks.

2. Museo della storia di Montemurlo- this museum chronicles the history of Montemurlo from the Roman era to the present day. It is located in an old palazzo and has a beautiful garden.

3. Castello dei Lanci- this medieval castle is now a museum and hosts regular events such as concerts and plays. Kids will love exploring the castle grounds and the museum.

4. Cantiere Navale- this is a working shipyard where you can see boats being built and repaired. Kids will love seeing the big ships up close and the workers in action.

5. Giardino Botanico- this botanical garden is a great place to explore with kids. There are over 1500 plant species, a waterfall, and a pond with fish.

6. Villa Cafasso- this villa was built in the 18th century and is now a museum. Kids can explore the beautiful gardens and learn about the history of the villa.

7. La Rocca- this is a ruined medieval castle that sits on a hilltop overlooking Montemurlo. Kids can explore the ruins and imagine what life was like in medieval times.

8. Biblioteca Civica- this public library has a large children’s section with books, games, and activities. Kids can also use the computers and participate in the summer reading program.

9. Chiesa di Santa Croce- this church is one of the oldest in Montemurlo and has a beautiful baroque interior. Kids can learn about the history of the church and see the beautiful artwork.

10. Parco della Molinella- this park is located on the banks of the River Bisenzio and has walking and bike trails, a playground, and a picnic area. Kids can explore nature and play in the playground.


1. What Is Montemurlo Like?

Montemurlo is a charming, medieval town located in the heart of Tuscany. It is known for its picturesque streets and buildings, as well as its friendly atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the town, stopping to admire the architecture or enjoy a meal in one of the many cafes and restaurants.

2. What Is There To See And Do In Montemurlo?

There is plenty to see and do in Montemurlo! Visitors can explore the medieval streets and buildings, visit the Duomo di San Michele Archangelo, or take a short drive to see the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site of Val d’Orcia. There are also many lovely hiking and biking trails in the area.

3. What Is The History Of Montemurlo?

Montemurlo has a long and rich history dating back to the Roman era. The town was an important stop on the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage route that ran from Rome to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In more recent history, Montemurlo was one of the first towns in Italy to be liberated from Nazi occupation during World War II.

4. When Is The Best Time To Visit Montemurlo?

The best time to visit Montemurlo is during the spring or autumn months, when the weather is mild and the nearby landscapes are bursting with color. However, the town is beautiful year-round and there is always something to see and do.

5. How Do I Get To Montemurlo?

Montemurlo can be easily reached by car or train from Florence, which is about 30 minutes away. There are also several bus companies that offer service to and from Montemurlo.

6. Where Should I Stay When Visiting Montemurlo?

There are several hotels and bed and breakfast options in Montemurlo. For those looking for a more unique experience, there are also a few agriturismo (farm stay) options in the area.

7. What Are Some Of The Local Specialties?

Some of the local specialties in Montemurlo include Tuscan cuisine, olive oil, and wine. There are also several bakeries and gelaterias where visitors can enjoy traditional Italian desserts.

8. What Are Some Tips For Exploring Montemurlo?

Some tips for exploring Montemurlo include getting lost in the medieval streets, taking some time to relax in one of the many cafes, and exploring the surrounding countryside.

9. What Are Some Safety Concerns I Should Be Aware Of When Visiting Montemurlo?

There are no major safety concerns to be aware of when visiting Montemurlo. However, as with any travel, it is always important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions when necessary.

10. I’M Interested In Learning More About Montemurlo. Where Can I Find More Information?

There are several books and articles that have been written about Montemurlo. The Tourist Office also has a wealth of information about the town and the surrounding area.

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