Assuming you would like a list of kid friendly activities to do in Modena, Italy:

1. Kids will love catching a glimpse of the wild horses that roam the Po Delta Natural Park.
2. A visit to the Ferrari Museum is a must for any car-loving kid.
3. Modena is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Let your kids explore the ancient buildings and grounds.
4. The Palazzo dei Musei is a great place to take kids for a day of art and history.
5. The Modena Cathedral is a breathtaking example of Romanesque architecture. Be sure to explore the underground crypts!
6. The Torre Ghirlandina is the symbol of the city of Modena. Kids will love climbing to the top for a panoramic view of the city.
7. The Enzo Ferrari Park is a great place for kids to run around and explore.
8. For a sweet treat, take the kids to the Torrone di Virginia, a traditional nougat candy shop.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Modena, Italy

1. Visit the Ducati Museum – Ducati is a world-renowned motorcycle brand and the Ducati Museum is a must-see for any fan of motorcycles or Italian engineering. The museum features a wide range of Ducati bikes, from racing bikes to classic models, as well as a range of interactive exhibits.

2. Take a tour of the Ferrari Museum – Another must-see for anyone interested in Italian engineering, the Ferrari Museum in Modena is home to a wide range of classic and contemporary Ferrari cars. The museum also offers a range of interactive exhibits, making it a great day out for the whole family.

3. Visit the Palazzo Comunale – The Palazzo Comunale is a beautiful medieval palace that now serves as the town hall of Modena. The palace is open to the public and features a range of historic art and furniture.

4. See the Cathedral of Modena – The Cathedral of Modena is a beautiful Romanesque church that dates back to the 12th century. The cathedral is open to the public and is free to enter.

5. Visit the Ghirlandina Tower – The Ghirlandina Tower is a beautiful medieval tower that is one of the symbols of the city of Modena. The tower is open to the public and visitors can climb to the top for stunning views over the city.

6. Take a walk around Parco Novi Sad – Parco Novi Sad is a large park in the center of Modena that is perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic on a sunny day. The park also features a playground for kids, making it a great place to visit with the whole family.

7. Visit the Museo Civico – The Museo Civico is a great museum for anyone interested in the history of Modena. The museum features a wide range of exhibits on the city’s history, from its Roman origins to the present day.

8. Browse the shops at Piazza Grande – Piazza Grande is the main square in Modena and is home to a range of shops and cafes. The square is a great place to relax and people watch, and is also the location of the annual Modena Auto Show.

9. Visit the Modena Racetrack – The Modena Racetrack is a popular motorsport venue that hosts a range of events throughout the year, from karting to Formula 1 testing. The racetrack is also open to the public for visits and tours.

10. Take a cooking class – Modena is renowned for its culinary traditions and what better way to learn about the city’s cuisine than by taking a cooking class. There are a range of cooking classes available, from basic to advanced, and you’ll be sure to learn something new about Modena’s culinary culture.


1. What Is The Population Of Modena, Italy?

As of 2016, the population of Modena, Italy is approximately 178,000.

2. What Is The History Of Modena, Italy?

The city of Modena dates back to the 4th century BC, when it was founded by the Etruscans. It later became a Roman colony and flourished as a key trading post during the Middle Ages. Modena was ruled by a succession of powerful families over the centuries, including the Gonzaga, the Farnese, and the Austrian Habsburgs. The city eventually became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1859.

3. What Is The Climate Of Modena, Italy?

Modena experiences a temperate climate, with hot, humid summers and cool, wet winters. Spring and autumn are generally mild, but can be unpredictable.

4. What Is The Economy Of Modena, Italy?

The economy of Modena is dominated by the industrial sector, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini are all headquartered in the city. Modena is also home to a number of food and wine producers, including Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar.

5. What Are The Landmarks Of Modena, Italy?

Some of the most notable landmarks in Modena include the Duomo (cathedral), the Palazzo Ducale (ducal palace), and the Torre della Ghirlandina (bell tower).

6. What Is The Food Like In Modena, Italy?

The food of Modena is strongly influenced by the region of Emilia-Romagna, of which it is the capital. There is a focus on fresh, simple ingredients, and traditional dishes include tortellini, lasagna, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

7. What Are The People Like In Modena, Italy?

The people of Modena are friendly and welcoming, and the city has a strong sense of community.

8. What Is The Nightlife Like In Modena, Italy?

Modena has a lively nightlife scene, with a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants to suit all tastes.

9. What Are The Shopping Opportunities Like In Modena, Italy?

Modena is home to a number of high-end fashion boutiques, as well as more affordable stores. There is also a lively market scene, with a number of markets held throughout the week.

10. What Are The Transportation Options Like In Modena, Italy?

The city of Modena is well-connected, with a number of bus and train lines criss-crossing the city.

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