There are lots of kid friendly things to do in Milan, Ohio! For starters, you can visit the American Drive In Theater to catch a flick on the big screen. Or, take a stroll down Main Street to check out all the cool shops and restaurants. And, don’t forget to stop by Emerson Park to feed the ducks and geese. Lastly, be sure to visit Harry Truman’s childhood home – it’s a must-see for any history buff!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Milan, Ohio

1. Go to the Craine Woods Nature Preserve for a nature hike and picnic lunch.

2. Play mini golf at The Golf Adventure.

3. Kids can explore and play at the Community Playhouse.

4. Visit the Little Miami River for fishing, swimming, and canoeing.

5. Visit Wakeman to see the restored 19th century village and go on a wagon ride.

6. Attend a kid-friendly show at the Mauger Estate Winery.

7. Visit the Monfort Heights One Room Schoolhouse for a glimpse of early education.

8. Stop by one of Milan’s churches for a tour or to see special events.

9. Visit Marshall’s Farm to pick fruits and vegetables in season.

10. Take a scenic drive down the Ohio River to enjoy the fall colors.


1. What Is The History Of Milan, Ohio?

The history of Milan, Ohio stretches back to the early 19th century, when the village was platted in 1809. The first settlers in the area were attracted to the Miami River valley due to the fertile soils and abundant natural resources. The village rapidly developed into a prosperous agricultural center and was incorporated in 1817. Milan remained a small, rural community for most of the nineteenth century, but began to experience growth in the early 20th century as a result of the establishment of several manufacturing businesses. The population of Milan peaked in 1970 at nearly 3,000 residents, but has declined in recent years as residents have moved to nearby cities in search of employment and other opportunities.

2. What Is The Population Of Milan, Ohio?

The population of Milan, Ohio was 2,941 at the 2010 census. The village has experienced a decline in population in recent years, due in part to the loss of manufacturing jobs.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Milan, Ohio?

The climate of Milan, Ohio is generally cool and humid, with average temperatures ranging from the low 20s in the winter to the mid-80s in the summer. The area receives a moderate amount of precipitation, with an average of around 40 inches of rain and snowfall each year.

4. What Are The Main Industries In Milan, Ohio?

The main industries in Milan, Ohio are agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. The village was historically a prosperous agricultural center, but has experienced a decline in recent years as farmers have consolidation and mechanization have decreased the demand for labor. Several manufacturing businesses, including a steel foundry and a manufacturer of food packaging products, are still located in Milan. The retail sector has also been an important part of the local economy, with a number of businesses lining the village’s Main Street.

5. What Is The Cost Of Living In Milan, Ohio?

The cost of living in Milan, Ohio is relatively affordable, with a median home price of around $85,000 and a median household income of $50,000. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, but is lower than in many other parts of Ohio.

6. What Are The Schools Like In Milan, Ohio?

The schools in Milan, Ohio are part of the Edison Local School District. The district includes two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Milan students consistently score above average on state standardized tests, and the high school has a graduation rate of around 90%.

7. What Are The Major Attractions In Milan, Ohio?

The major attractions in Milan, Ohio include the Red Crown Tavern Museum, the Miami Valley Steel Heritage Museum, and the Great Miami River Bike Trail. The Red Crown Tavern Museum is housed in a former stagecoach inn that was built in 1810 and is one of the oldest buildings in the village. The Miami Valley Steel Heritage Museum is located in the former office of the American Rolling Mill Company and chronicles the history of the village’s steel industry. The Great Miami River Bike Trail is a popular recreation spot for residents and visitors alike, offering more than 20 miles of scenic views and opportunities for fishing, hiking, and biking.

8. What Are The Business And Economic Opportunities In Milan, Ohio?

The business and economic opportunities in Milan, Ohio are varied. The village’s Main Street is lined with a number of small businesses, including a number of retail shops and restaurants. The village is also home to several manufacturers, including a steel foundry and a food packaging company. Milan’s proximity to the Columbus metropolitan area makes it a prime location for businesses that are looking to expand or relocate to a smaller community.

9. What Is The Quality Of Life Like In Milan, Ohio?

The quality of life in Milan, Ohio is good. The village offers a variety of amenities and activities for residents, including parks, schools, and a variety of shops and restaurants. The community is also located close to the Columbus metropolitan area, which provides residents with access to a variety of cultural and recreational opportunities.

10. What Is The Future Of Milan, Ohio?

The future of Milan, Ohio is uncertain. The village has experienced a decline in population in recent years, and many of its residents have moved to nearby cities in search of employment and other opportunities. However, the community has a number of assets that could be leveraged to attract new residents and businesses, including its historic Main Street, its proximity to the Columbus metropolitan area, and its variety of manufacturing businesses.

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