Malabanban Norte is a great place for kids because there are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. For starters, there’s the Malabanban Norte Children’s Park which is a public park that has a playground, a Splash Pad, and a pavilion. There’s also the Malabanban Norte Municipal Library which has a kids section with plenty of books and activities. And if your kids are into animals, they’ll love the Malabanban Norte Zoo which is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, lions, and elephants. Lastly, there’s the Malabanban Norte Sports Complex which has a basketball court, a soccer field, and a swimming pool.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Malabanban Norte, Philippines

1. Visit the Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club – this club features a world-renowned 18-hole golf course, practise facilities, and a clubhouse with a restaurant, bar, and pro shop. kids can enjoy plenty of outdoor space to run around, and there are also tennis and swimming facilities onsite.

2. Go horseback riding at the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort – located in a valley surrounded by mountains and offering stunning views, Villa Escudero is a working plantation and resort with several horse trails of varying difficulty levels. kids can learn about plantation life while enjoying a horseback ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Philippines.

3. Splash around at the Dakak Beach Resort – this resort features a wide, sandy beachfront with crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming, boating, and windsurfing. the resort also has several pools, a waterpark, and a kids’ club, making it a great option for a family day out.

4. Visit the fronton courts at the Puerto Galera Sports Complex – the fronton is a traditional Spanish game similar to handball, and the Puerto Galera Sports Complex has several courts where you can try your hand at this unique sport.

5. Take a leisurely stroll through the Sabang Linear Park – this park, located along the coast of Puerto Galera, is a great place to take a peaceful stroll, relax in the shade, or take a swim in the crystal-clear waters.

6. Watch the sunset from the beach at Small Lalaguna – Small Lalaguna is one of the best places in Puerto Galera to watch the sunset, with its beautiful sandy beach and stunning views.

7. Go on an adventure at the Puerto Galera Adventure Park – this park offers a variety of adventure activities, including zip lining, rock climbing, Rappelling, and ATV riding. kids will love the chance to explore and let off some steam in this action-packed park.

8. Visit the St. Francis Xavier Church – built in 1859, this historic church is one of the most important landmarks in Puerto Galera. kids can explore the church grounds and learn about the history of this significant building.

9. Take a boat tour of the Puerto Galera harbor – there are several boat tour operators in Puerto Galera, offering trips around the harbor and to nearby islands. kids will love getting out on the water and seeing the sights from a different perspective.

10. Go on a nature hike in the Mt. Malarayat Nature Park – this park is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, and is a great place to go for a nature hike. kids can explore the park and learn about the different ecosystems that exist in this part of the world.


1. What Is Malabanban Norte?

Malabanban Norte is a municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. It is located approximately 40 kilometers north of Manila, the country’s capital. The town is bounded by the municipality of Rodriguez to the north, Tanay to the east, Morong to the south, and Teresa to the west.

2. How Did Malabanban Norte Get Its Name?

The name Malabanban is derived from the Tagalog word “malaban,” which means “to take away.” According to local legend, the name was given to the town because it was once the site of a battle between the Spanish and the indigenous Tagalog people. The Spanish were said to have taken away the gold that the Tagalogs had been using to pay tribute to their king.

3. What Is The History Of Malabanban Norte?

The earliest inhabitants of the area now known as Malabanban Norte were the Aetas, who were displaced by the Tagalogs when they arrived in the region. The area was part of the Kingdom of Tondo until it was conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century. It became a separate municipality in 1853.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Malabanban Norte?

Malabanban Norte has a tropical climate, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. The town experiences two distinct seasons – the wet season, which runs from June to October, and the dry season, which runs from November to May.

5. What Is The Economy Of Malabanban Norte Like?

The economy of Malabanban Norte is primarily agricultural, with rice, vegetables, and fruits being the main crops grown. The town is also home to a number of manufacturing businesses, which produce textiles, wood products, and food products.

6. What Are The Tourist Attractions In Malabanban Norte?

The town of Malabanban Norte is home to a number of tourist attractions, including the Malabanban Norte Church, which was built in 1845, and the Malabanban Norte Falls, which is located in the nearby municipality of Rodriguez.

7. What Are The Transportation Options In Malabanban Norte?

The town of Malabanban Norte is served by a number of public transportation options, including jeepneys, buses, and tricycles. Private vehicles are also allowed on the town’s streets.

8. What Are The Education Options In Malabanban Norte?

The town of Malabanban Norte is home to a number of schools, both public and private. The town’s public schools are overseen by the Department of Education, while the private schools are typically run by religious institutions.

9. What Are The Healthcare Options In Malabanban Norte?

The town of Malabanban Norte is served by a number of healthcare facilities, both public and private. The public healthcare facilities are overseen by the Department of Health, while the private facilities are typically run by religious institutions.

10. What Are The Recreational Activities Available In Malabanban Norte?

The town of Malabanban Norte offers a number of recreational activities for its residents and visitors, including hiking, camping, and picnicking at the Malabanban Norte Falls, and swimming and fishing in the nearby Teresa River.

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