Logan is a great place to raise a family. There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in the area. Logan has a number of parks, including Hocking Hills State Park, which offers plenty of hiking and outdoor activities for families. There are also a number of museums in the area, such as the Hocking Hills Heritage Museum and the Hocking River Museum. Families can also take advantage of the many events and festivals that are held in Logan each year. Some of the most popular include the Logan County Fair, the Hocking Hills Music Festival, and the Hocking Hills Pumpkin Festival.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Logan, Ohio

1. Visit the Hocking Hills State Park. The Hocking Hills State Park is a beautiful nature preserve that is perfect for hiking, picnicking, and camping.

2. Visit the Rock House. The Rock House is a historic house that was built in 1824. It is open for tours from April to October.

3. Visit the Logan County History Center. The Logan County History Center is a museum that contains exhibits on the history of Logan County.

4. Attend a performance at the Ohio State University campus. The Ohio State University campus is home to many performing arts groups, including the Ohio State Marching Band.

5. Visit the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway offers scenic train rides through the Hocking Valley.

6. Visit the Lake LOGAN State Park. The Lake LOGAN State Park is a beautiful state park that offers swimming, fishing, and boating.

7. Visit the Giacomo Puccini Memorial. The Giacomo Puccini Memorial is a monument dedicated to the famous opera composer.

8. Attend a performance at the City Auditorium. The City Auditorium is home to many performing arts groups, including the Logan Symphony Orchestra.

9. Visit the Opera House. The Opera House is a historic theatre that was built in 1884. It is home to the Logan Lyric Opera Company.

10. Visit the Logan County Fairgrounds. The Logan County Fairgrounds is home to the Logan County Fair, which is held every summer.


1. What Is Logan, Ohio’S History?

Logan, Ohio was founded in 1817 by Benjamin Logan, a veteran of the Revolutionary War. The town was originally named after him, but was later renamed in honor of Andrew Logan, another early settler. Logan has always been a small town, but it grew rapidly in the early years due to the abundance of natural resources in the area. Timber and coal were two of the most valuable resources, and the town prospered as a result.

2. What Is Logan, Ohio’S Population?

Logan, Ohio’s population is just over 1,000 people. The town is located in Hocking County, which has a population of just over 28,000 people.

3. What Is The Climate In Logan, Ohio?

The climate in Logan, Ohio is typically mild with four distinct seasons. Summers are typically hot and humid, while winters are cold and can see snowfall. Spring and fall are generally pleasant with moderate temperatures.

4. What Is There To Do In Logan, Ohio?

There are a variety of things to do in Logan, Ohio. There are several parks and nature trails in the area, perfect for exploring the outdoors. The Hocking Hills region is also nearby and offers even more opportunities for hiking, fishing, and camping. For those interested in history, the Logan Historical Society Museum is a must-see.

5. What Are The Schools Like In Logan, Ohio?

There are two school districts that serve Logan, Ohio – the Logan-Hocking School District and the Hocking Valley Community College District. Logan-Hocking Schools includes three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Hocking Valley Community College offers two-year degree programs and adult education classes.

6. What Is The Economy Like In Logan, Ohio?

Logan, Ohio’s economy is diverse and includes a mix of manufacturing, retail, and service-based businesses. Some of the largest employers in the area include Hocking Valley Community Hospital, AK Steel, and Walmart.

7. What Is The Cost Of Living In Logan, Ohio?

The cost of living in Logan, Ohio is very reasonable. The median home price in the area is just over $100,000, and utilities are relatively affordable. Transportation costs can be a bit higher, as the town is not served by public transportation.

8. What Is The Housing Market Like In Logan, Ohio?

The housing market in Logan, Ohio is varied. There are a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and duplexes available. The median home price is just over $100,000, making Logan an affordable place to live.

9. What Are The People Like In Logan, Ohio?

The people of Logan, Ohio are friendly and welcoming. The town has a small-town feel, and everyone seems to know everyone else. There is a strong sense of community in Logan, and people are always willing to help out others in need.

10. What Is The Best Time To Visit Logan, Ohio?

The best time to visit Logan, Ohio is during the spring or fall. The weather is mild during these months, and there are a variety of festivals and events that take place during these times.

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