Lockbourne, Ohio, is a great place to bring your kids! There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a must-see, and kids will love getting up close and personal with the animals. The center of Lockbourne is home to a number of businesses that cater to kids, including a toy store, an ice cream shop, and a arcade. There are also several parks in the area that are perfect for running around and playing. If you’re looking for a longer activity, Headley Park has a playground, a basketball court, and a walking trail.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Lockbourne, Ohio

1. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a world-class facility that is home to over 10,000 animals. The zoo is divided into different regions, each with its own unique exhibits and attractions. The zoo also features a variety of educational programs, events, and camps.

2. COSI Columbus: COSI Columbus is a science museum that features over 300 hands-on exhibits. The museum also offers a planetarium, an IMAX theater, and a variety of educational programs.

3. Franklin Park Conservatory: The Franklin Park Conservatory is a botanical garden that features a variety of plant collections, gardens, and sculptures. The conservatory also offers educational programs, events, and classes.

4. The Ohio Statehouse: The Ohio Statehouse is the capitol building of the state of Ohio. The statehouse is open for tours, and also houses the Ohio State Museum, the State Library of Ohio, and the Supreme Court of Ohio.

5. The Santa Maria: The Santa Maria is a replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship vessel. The ship is moored on the Scioto River in downtown Columbus and is open for tours.

6. The Wexner Center for the Arts: The Wexner Center for the Arts is an arts center that features a variety of galleries, theaters, and educational programs. The center is also home to the Ohio State University Museum of Art.

7. The German Village: The German Village is a historic district in Columbus that is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and pubs. The village is also home to the Schiller Park, the German Heritage Museum, and the German Village Society.

8. The Short North: The Short North is a historic district in Columbus that is home to a variety of galleries, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. The district is also home to the historic Northern Lights Theater and the Ohio Theater.

9. The Easton Town Center: The Easton Town Center is a shopping mall that features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. The mall also features a movie theater, an ice rink, and a variety of events.

10. The Columbus Clippers: The Columbus Clippers are the minor league baseball team of the Cleveland Indians. The team plays its home games at the Huntington Park in downtown Columbus.


1. What Is The History Of Lockbourne, Ohio?

The village of Lockbourne was founded in 1831 by William Lockbourne, a Methodist minister from New Jersey. The village was originally settled along the Scioto River, but was later relocated to its current location along the rail line. The village grew rapidly in the early years, due largely to the construction of the Columbus and Xenia Railroad in 1851. The population reached 1,000 by 1860.

2. What Is The Current Population Of Lockbourne, Ohio?

The current population of Lockbourne is 992, according to the 2010 census.

3. What Is The Cost Of Living In Lockbourne, Ohio?

The cost of living in Lockbourne is relatively low. The median home price is $103,600, and the median household income is $52,750.

4. What Are The Major Industries In Lockbourne, Ohio?

The major industries in Lockbourne are transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, and retail trade.

5. What Are The Schools In Lockbourne, Ohio?

Lockbourne has two schools, Lockbourne Elementary School and Lockbourne Middle School. Both schools are part of the Pickaway-Ross Local School District.

6. What Is The Crime Rate In Lockbourne, Ohio?

The crime rate in Lockbourne is very low. There were only 18 reported crimes in 2016, for a crime rate of 1.8 per 1,000 people.

7. What Is The Weather Like In Lockbourne, Ohio?

The weather in Lockbourne is typical of the Midwest. The summers are hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s. The winters are cold, with temperatures often dipping below freezing.

8. What Are The Top Attractions In Lockbourne, Ohio?

The top attractions in Lockbourne are the Columbus and Xenia Railroad Museum, the Lockbourne Historic District, and the Lockbourne home of William Lockbourne.

9. What Restaurants Are In Lockbourne, Ohio?

There are several restaurants in Lockbourne, including the Lockbourne Tavern, the Lockbourne Diner, and the Lockbourne Grill.

10. What Hotels Are In Lockbourne, Ohio?

There are two hotels in Lockbourne, the Lockbourne Inn and the Lockbourne Suites.

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