Lampa is a Municipality of Chile and is located in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, the country’s capital. Lampa is one of the 32 communes that make up the Metropolitan Region of Santiago. The name “Lampa” comes from the Mapuche word for “flower”.

Lampa is a great place for kids because there are plenty of things to do. For example, Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas is a great place to explore and even has a waterfall. There are also plenty of kid-friendly restaurants, like Pizzeria Mazzei, which has a playground for kids to play in.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Lampa, Chile

1. adults

2. Visit the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.
3. Chilean National Zoo.
4. Take a tour of La Chascona, the home of Pablo Neruda.
5. Visit the Caves of Purito.
6. Play in the Park of the Americas.
7. Take a dip in the Termas de Colina Hot Springs.
8. Shop for souvenirs in the artisan market.
9. savor local flavors at one of the many restaurants.
10. Enjoy the nightlife in one of Lampa’s clubs or bars.


1. What Is The Name Of The Capital Of Chile?

2. Santiago is the capital of Chile.

3. Where Is Chile Located?

4. Chile is located in South America.

5. What Is The Official Language Of Chile?

6. The official language of Chile is Spanish.

7. What Is The Currency Of Chile?

8. The currency of Chile is the Chilean Peso.

9. What Is The Population Of Chile?

10. The population of Chile is approximately 17.6 million.

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