Kudamatsu is a great place for kids. There are plenty of kid friendly activities to keep them busy. The beach is a great place to start, as there are many activities to do there including swimming, boolean, fishing and more. If your kids are into sports, then they will be happy to know that there is a sports complex in Kudamatsu where they can play baseball, basketball, tennis and more. There is also an amusement park called Marine Land which has many rides and attractions that kids will love. For something a little more cultural, kids can visit the Kudamatsu Automata Museum which has a collection of over 100 traditional Japanese mechanical puppets.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Kudamatsu, Japan

1. stroll along Shiroyama Park
2. explore Kudamatsu Castle
3. get up close to some friendly animals at Kuma Zoological Park
4. learn about the area’s history at the Kudamatsu City Museum
5. take a walk or bike ride through Shitsu Park
6. cool off with a swim at Kuma Park Beach
7. try your hand at fishing at Matsumoto River
8. enjoy a delicious meal at one of Kudamatsu’s many restaurants
9. pick up some souvenirs at one of the local shops
10. catch a play or performance at Kudamatsu City Cultural Center


1. What Is The Population Of Kudamatsu?

As of July 1, 2019, the population of Kudamatsu is estimated to be 86,893.

2. What Is The Spatial Layout Of Kudamatsu?

Kudamatsu is situated between Mt. Ishizuchi and the Seto Inland Sea. It has a typical grid pattern layout with streets running east to west and north to south.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Kudamatsu?

The climate of Kudamatsu is classified as humid subtropical. The average temperature is 14.8 degrees Celsius.

4. What Is The History Of Kudamatsu?

The history of Kudamatsu dates back to the Nara period. It was an important port town during the Edo period.

5. What Are The Scenic Spots In Kudamatsu?

some of the scenic spots in Kudamatsu include Ishizuchi Shrine, Kudamatsu Castle, and Mt. Fujiyama.

6. What Are The Things To Do In Kudamatsu?

There are a number of things to do in Kudamatsu. Some of the popular activities include swimming, fishing, and hiking.

7. What Are The Transportation Options In Kudamatsu?

There are a number of transportation options in Kudamatsu. The town is served by the JR West line and there are a number of bus and taxi services.

8. What Is The Food Like In Kudamatsu?

The food in Kudamatsu is a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine. There are a number of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

9. What Is The Nightlife Like In Kudamatsu?

The nightlife in Kudamatsu is relatively quiet. There are a few bars and clubs, but the town is mostly asleep by nighttime.

10. What Are The Shopping Options In Kudamatsu?

There are a number of shopping options in Kudamatsu. There are a number of stores and malls to choose from.

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