Kid Friendly Things To Do In Kanorado, Kansas

There are many kid friendly things to do in Kanorado, Kansas. The city has a variety of parks and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. There are also a number of museums and libraries in the area that are great for kids. In addition, there are many kid friendly activities that take place in the city throughout the year.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Kanorado, Kansas

1. Visit the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site

This historic site tells the story of the American cowboy and the cattle industry. Families can take part in activities like learning about cowboy life, visiting a working ranch, and seeing historic buildings. There are also hiking trails and a playground on site.

2. Go for a swim at the Kanorado Municipal Pool

The Kanorado Municipal Pool is a great place to beat the heat in the summer. There is a large pool, a kiddie pool, and a water slide. The pool is open to the public from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

3. Take a tour of the Ashland Skydome Observatory

The Ashland Skydome Observatory is open to the public for tours and stargazing. Families can learn about astronomy and see the stars up close through the Observatory’s telescopes.

4. See the dinosaurs at the Gove County Museum

The Gove County Museum is home to a collection of dinosaur fossils. Families can see these fossils up close and learn about the dinosaurs that once lived in Kansas.

5. Play at the Scott State Park Playground

The Scott State Park Playground is a great place for kids to burn off some energy. The playground has a variety of play equipment, including swings, slides, and monkey bars.

6.Visit the Kanorado City Park

The Kanorado City Park is a great place to spend a day outdoors. The park has a playground, a pavilion, and a walking trail.

7.Explore the Kanorado Windmill

The Kanorado Windmill is a historic windmill that is open to the public. Families can climb to the top of the windmill and see the views of Kanorado.

8.Visit the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds

The Cheyenne County Fairgrounds is home to a variety of events throughout the year. Families can enjoy live music, a rodeo, and a carnival.

9.Take a hike at the Smoky Valley Ranch

The Smoky Valley Ranch is a working cattle ranch that offers scenic hiking trails. Families can explore the ranch and see the views of the Smoky Valley.

10.Visit the Kite Festival

The Kite Festival is held every year in Kanorado. Families can fly kites, watch kite demonstrations, and participate in other activities.


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