Jitra is a great place for kids! There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them occupied and entertained. The Jitra Zoo is a great place to take the kids, where they can see all sorts of animals up close. The Jitra Water Park is another great option, where kids can cool off and have tons of fun. Or, take them to the Jitra Amusement Park for a day filled with rides, games, and fun. If the weather is nice, head to one of the city’s many parks, where kids can run around and play. Jitra is a great place for a family vacation, and the kids will never be bored!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Jitra, Malaysia

1. Visit the Jitra Zoo
2. Go to the Jitra Water Park
3. Play at the Jitra playground
4. Ride bikes at the Jitra Bike Park
5. Picnic at the Jitra Botanical Gardens
6. Go to the Jitra Museum
7. Watch a movie at the Jitra Cinema
8. Eat at the Jitra Food Court
9. Go shopping at the Jitra Mall
10. Play laser tag at the Jitra Lazer Zone


1. What Is Jitra?

Jitra is a town in the Malaysian state of Kedah, located approximately halfway between the state capital of Alor Star and the border with Thailand. It is the district capital of the eponymous district.

2. What Is The History Of Jitra?

The town was founded in the late 19th century when the Malaysian state of Kedah was under the rule of the Sultanate of Siam. Jitra was originally established as a military outpost to protect the border with Thailand. However, over time it developed into a thriving town, serving as a regional commercial and transportation hub.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Jitra?

The climate in Jitra is tropical, with high temperatures and humidity levels throughout the year. The town experiences a relatively dry season from June to September, and a wet season from October to May.

4. What Is The Population Of Jitra?

The population of Jitra is estimated to be around 54,000. The town is ethnically diverse, with the majority of residents being Malay, followed by Chinese and Indian.

5. What Are The Main Industries In Jitra?

The main industries in Jitra include agriculture, light manufacturing, and tourism. The town is home to a number of factories, as well as a growing number of hotels and restaurants.

6. What Are The Main Tourist Attractions In Jitra?

The main tourist attractions in Jitra include the Jitra Water Tower, the Kedah Paddy Museum, and the Sultan Abdul Hamid Mosque. The town is also a popular starting point for exploring the nearby jungle and nature reserves.

7. What Is The Transportation Like In Jitra?

The transportation in Jitra is good, with a number of options for getting around. The town is served by the Jitra Railway Station, as well as a number of bus and taxi services.

8. What Is The Education Like In Jitra?

The education in Jitra is good, with a number of primary and secondary schools, as well as a few tertiary institutions. The town is also home to a campus of the Universiti Utara Malaysia.

9. What Is The Healthcare Like In Jitra?

The healthcare in Jitra is good, with a number of clinics and hospitals serving the town. There is also a campus of the Kedah Medical College located in Jitra.

10. What Are The Things To Do In Jitra?

There are a number of things to do in Jitra, including visiting the tourist attractions, exploring the jungle, and enjoying the town’s food and nightlife.

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