There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in Hinesburg, Vermont. One option is to visit the Hinesburg Playhouse. This is a great place for kids of all ages to explore. There is a wide variety of play equipment, including a climbing wall, swings, and a trampoline. Another option is to go to the Champlain Valley Fair. This fair has something for everyone, including rides, games, and food. There are also a variety of shops and stalls to browse. Finally, another great option for kids is to visit the Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory. Here, kids can take a tour of the factory and see how chocolate is made. They can also sample some of the delicious chocolate that is made on site. Whatever you choose to do, your kids are sure to have a great time in Hinesburg, Vermont.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Hinesburg, Vermont

#1) Visit Shelburne Farms: A working farm and National Historic Landmark, Shelburne Farms is a great place to learn about Vermont’s agricultural history and see some of the region’s iconic scenery.

#2) Hike the Long Trail: Vermont’s Long Trail is one of the oldest and most popular hiking trails in the country. Spanning the length of the state, the trail offers hikers unparalleled views of the Vermont landscape.

#3) Go apple picking: Vermont is famous for its apples, and there are many farms around Hinesburg where you can pick your own. Be sure to try some of the delicious cider while you’re here!

#4) Visit the Vermont State Fair: The Vermont State Fair is a annual event that features rides, games, food, and live entertainment. It’s a great place to spend a day with the family.

#5) Take a scenic drive: Vermont is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country. Take a drive down one of the state’s many scenic routes and enjoy the views.

#6) Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory: Tour the factory where the world’s most famous ice cream is made and enjoy a free scoop of your favorite flavor.

#7) Go kayaking or canoeing: With its many rivers and lakes, Vermont is a great place to go kayaking or canoeing. There are many outfitters in the area that can help you get started.

#8) Take a ride on the Green Mountain Flyer: The Green Mountain Flyer is a historic train that offers rides through the Vermont countryside. It’s a great way to see the state and relax at the same time.

#9) Visit the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center: The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is a great place to learn about the aquatic life of Vermont and beyond. The hands-on exhibits are perfect for kids.

#10) Go skiing or snowboarding: Vermont is one of the best places in the country to go skiing or snowboarding. There are many resorts in the area that offer lessons and rentals.


1. What Is The Population Of Hinesburg, Vermont?

The most recent population estimate for Hinesburg is 2,087, which is up from 2,064 in 2010.

2. How Many Square Miles Is Hinesburg, Vermont?

Hinesburg covers an area of 36 square miles.

3. What Is The History Of Hinesburg, Vermont?

Hinesburg was originally chartered as a town in 1763. The town was named after one of the original settlers, Colonel Benjamin Hines. During the Revolutionary War, Hinesburg was a hotbed of anti-British sentiment. In 1791, the town was the site of the first town meeting in Vermont.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Hinesburg, Vermont?

Hinesburg has a continental climate, with four distinct seasons. Winters are cold, with an average of 52 inches of snowfall. Summers are warm, with an average of 22 inches of rain.

5. What Are The Major Industries In Hinesburg, Vermont?

The major industries in Hinesburg include agriculture, forestry, and tourism.

6. What Are The Top Attractions In Hinesburg, Vermont?

The top attractions in Hinesburg include the Vermont National Guard Museum, the Hinesburg Public Library, and the Hinesburg Town Hall.

7. What Is The Crime Rate In Hinesburg, Vermont?

Hinesburg has a very low crime rate, with no violent crimes reported in recent years.

8. What Are The Schools Like In Hinesburg, Vermont?

There are two public schools in Hinesburg, the Hinesburg Community School and the Champlain Valley Union High School. Both schools are highly rated and offer a variety of programs and extracurricular activities.

9. What Is The Cost Of Living In Hinesburg, Vermont?

Hinesburg has a relatively high cost of living, with an average home price of $254,000.

10. What Is The Job Market Like In Hinesburg, Vermont?

The job market in Hinesburg is very good, with a low unemployment rate of 2.5%.

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