If you’re looking for kid-friendly things to do in Gorham, New Hampshire, you’ll find plenty of options to keep the little ones entertained. For outdoor fun, the Gorham Recreation Department offers a variety of programs and events for children of all ages, from sports leagues to playgrounds and picnic areas. The Gorham Public Library is also a great place to take the kids, with a wide selection of books, magazines, and DVDs to choose from. And if you’re looking for something a little more unique, the Harrell House Museum is always a hit with kids, with its interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Gorham, New Hampshire

1. Have a picnic lunch at the Gorham town common. The common is a beautiful park with plenty of green space to run around, a playground, and a gazebo.

2. Take a walk or bike ride on the scenic West Side Trail. The trail offers amazing views of the White Mountains and passes by several waterfalls.

3. Visit the Mill Brook Reservoir. The reservoir is a great place to fish, paddle, or just take a leisurely stroll around the loop trail.

4. Visit the Gorham Historical Society Museum. The museum is housed in an old schoolhouse and has exhibits on the town’s history, including the see saw factory and the railroad.

5. Get ice cream at Gorham House of Pizza. In addition to pizza, they also serve up some delicious ice cream.

6. Play mini golf at Gorham Village Playground. The playground features a mini golf course, a playground, and a basketball court.

7. Take a dip in the pool at the Gorham Recreation Center. The recreation center has an indoor pool, a sauna, and a weight room.

8. visit the Gorham Public Library. The library has a great selection of books, magazines, and movies. They also offer free WiFi.

9. See a play at the Little Theater of Gorham. The theater typically puts on three shows per year, including a summer musical.

10. Go on a nature hike at one of the many trails in the area. Some of our favorites include the Fabyan Ledges, Cherry Mountain, and Mount Willard.


1. What Is The History Of Gorham, New Hampshire?

Gorham was first settled in 1770 by a group of Massachusetts families who were seeking to build a new life in the wilderness. They named their settlement after Major General John Gorham, who had led an expedition against the French in Canada during the Seven Years’ War. Gorham quickly became a thriving community, due in part to its location on the Androscoggin River, which provided power for sawmills and gristmills. The town grew rapidly during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and by the mid-19th century it was one of the largest towns in the state.

2. How Did Gorham Become The “Snowmobile Capital Of The World”?

Gorham’s reputation as the “Snowmobile Capital of the World” began in the 1960s, when a local resident named Arthur T. Klemm built the first snowmobile in the town. Klemm’s invention quickly caught on, and by the 1970s there were dozens of snowmobile manufacturers in the Gorham area. Today, the town is home to the annual Snowmobile Expo, which attracts snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the world.

3. What Is The Population Of Gorham, New Hampshire?

As of the 2010 census, the town of Gorham had a population of 2,848.

4. What Is The Average Temperature In Gorham, New Hampshire?

Gorham experiences a typical northeastern climate, with cold winters and warm summers. The average temperature in January is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average temperature in July is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. What Are The Main Industries In Gorham, New Hampshire?

The main industries in Gorham are tourism and manufacturing. The town’s location in the White Mountains makes it a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling. Gorham is also home to a number of manufacturing businesses, including snowmobile manufacturers, wood products manufacturers, and paper mills.

6. What Are The Schools In Gorham, New Hampshire Like?

Gorham is served by the Gorham School District, which includes an elementary school, middle school, and high school. The town is also home to a number of private schools, including the White Mountain School, a co-educational boarding school.

7. What Is The Crime Rate In Gorham, New Hampshire?

Gorham is a relatively safe town, with a crime rate that is significantly lower than the national average.

8. What Are The Housing Costs In Gorham, New Hampshire?

The median home value in Gorham is $163,500, which is lower than the statewide median of $219,000.

9. What Is The Cost Of Living In Gorham, New Hampshire?

The cost of living in Gorham is slightly higher than the national average, but still lower than the cost of living in many other parts of New England.

10. What Is The History Of The Androscoggin River?

The Androscoggin River is a major river in the state of Maine. It is approximately 184 miles long and flows from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Gulf of Maine. The Androscoggin has been an important route for transportation and trade since the early days of European settlement in North America, and today it is used for recreation, hydroelectric power production, and paper mill operations.

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