There’s plenty of kid friendly things to do in Gordon, Pennsylvania! For starters, birds and other wildlife are abundant in the area, so nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy exploring the many hiking trails. The area is also home to a number of historical sites, including the Gordon Indian Industrial School, which is now a museum. Families can also enjoy a day of fishing at one of the many lakes or streams, or go for a swim at the local pool. And of course, no visit to Gordon would be complete without a trip to the famous Penn Hills Resort!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Gordon, Pennsylvania

1. Visit the Stonewall Jackson House Museum
This museum is dedicated to the life of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a Confederate general during the American Civil War. Jackson was born in what is now Gordon, and the museum includes exhibits on his upbringing, military career, and death. The museum is located in the historic Jackson House, which was built in 1824.

2. Take a walk or bike ride on the Jackson River Scenic Trail
The Jackson River Scenic Trail is a10.5-mile multi-use trail that winds along the Jackson River in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. The trail is open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders and offers stunning views of the river and surrounding mountains.

3. Fish for trout in the Jackson River
The Jackson River is home to a variety of fish, including trout. Anglers can fish from the riverbanks or from a boat. A valid Virginia fishing license is required.

4. Go tubing on the Jackson River
Tubing is a great way to enjoy the Jackson River on a hot summer day. Tubing companies offer rentals and shuttle services.

5. canoe or kayak on the Jackson River
canoing and kayaking are popular activities on the Jackson River. There are several put-in and take-out points along the river.

6. Visit the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is a former psychiatric hospital that is now a museum. The asylum has a long and fascinating history, and the museum offers tours of the building and grounds.

7. Go underground at Lost River State Park
Lost River State Park is home to a 8.5-mile long system of underground caves. The caves are open to the public for tours led by experienced guides.

8. Hike to waterfalls at Lost River State Park
In addition to the caves, Lost River State Park also features hiking trails that lead to several waterfalls.

9.Play golf at The Woods Resort
The Woods Resort is an award-winning golf resort located in the Allegheny Mountains. The resort features two 18-hole championship golf courses.

10. Soak in the hot springs at The Omni Homestead Resort
The Omni Homestead Resort is a historic resort that has been welcoming guests since 1766. The resort is home to two hot springs, and guests can enjoy a soak in the springs or in the resort’s outdoor pool.


1. What Is The Population Of Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The population of Gordon, Pennsylvania is 1,309 people.

2. What Is The History Of Gordon, Pennsylvania?

Gordon, Pennsylvania was founded in 1769 and was originally named “Peckham”, after the first settler, William Peckham. The name was changed to “Gordon” in 1784, after the Gordon family, who were early settlers in the area.

3. What Is The Climate Of Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The climate of Gordon, Pennsylvania is a humid continental climate, with cool to cold winters and warm to hot summers.

4. What Are The Demographics Of Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The demographics of Gordon, Pennsylvania are:

• 89.3% White

• 4.4% African American

• 0.8% Native American

• 0.4% Asian

• 0.1% Pacific Islander

• 1.7% from other races

• 2.5% From Two Or More Races

• 3.6% Hispanic or Latino of any race

5. What Are The Attractions In Gordon, Pennsylvania?

Some of the attractions in Gordon, Pennsylvania are:

• Gordon History Museum

• Gordon train station

• William Peckham House

6. What are the schools in Gordon, Pennsylvania?

Schools In Gordon, Pennsylvania Include:

• Gordon Elementary School

• Gordon Middle School

• Gordon High School

7. What Is The Economy Of Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The economy of Gordon, Pennsylvania is primarily based on agriculture and tourism.

8. What Is The Crime Rate In Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The crime rate in Gordon, Pennsylvania is low.

9. What Is The Housing Market Like In Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The housing market in Gordon, Pennsylvania is healthy, with a median home price of $167,500.

10. What Is The Cost Of Living In Gordon, Pennsylvania?

The cost of living in Gordon, Pennsylvania is relatively low.

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