There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in Genk, Belgium! One option is to visit the C-Mine, a former coal mine that has been turned into an interactive museum. There, kids can learn about the history of coal mining in Belgium, and even ride in a real mine cart! Another great option is to explore the natural wonder of the Gingko Biloba tree forest. This forest is home to over 200 of the oldest and largest trees in Belgium, and is a great place for a family hike. If your kids are looking for some thrills, they can zip line through the trees! Finally, no trip to Genk would be complete without a visit to the Chocolate Factory. Here, kids can learn about the process of making chocolate, and of course, sample some of the delicious finished product!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Genk, Belgium

1. Take a tour of C-Mine
C-Mine is a former coal mine that has been converted into an arts and cultural center. Visitors can take a tour of the old mine, see art exhibitions, and attend concerts and theatrical performances.

2. Visit the Zwin Nature Park
The Zwin Nature Park is a wetland area where visitors can see a variety of birds and other wildlife. There are also hiking and biking trails.

3. Go to the Genk Gompel Sheep Museum
The Genk Gompel Sheep Museum is a small museum that tells the history of sheep farming in the area. Visitors can see a variety of sheep breeds and learn about the traditions of sheepherding.

4. Visit the Zomerparkfeest
The Zomerparkfeest is an annual music festival that takes place in Genk. The festival features a variety of local and international musicians.

5. Go to the Waterboulevard
The Waterboulevard is a water park with a lazy river, slides, and other attractions. Visitors can also enjoy the beach and the restaurants and cafes in the area.

6. Visit Plopsaland De Panne
Plopsaland De Panne is a theme park with rides, shows, and attractions for the whole family. The park is also home to a water park and a dinosaur museum.

7. Go to the Domein Bokrijk
The Domein Bokrijk is a large area of woods and meadows where visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The area also has a museum and a restaurant.

8. Visit the Château de Grimbergen
The Château de Grimbergen is a castle that was built in the 13th century. Visitors can tour the castle, see the exhibits in the museum, and enjoy the views from the castle walls.

9. Try the local cuisine
Genk is known for its food, so be sure to try some of the local specialties such asWaterzooi, a stew made with chicken, potatoes, and vegetables; Stoofvlees, a stew made with beef; and Modderootjes, fried potatoes covered in a thick gravy.

10. Do some shopping
Genk has a variety of shops, including big department stores, small boutiques, and local markets. There is something for everyone!


1. What Is The Population Of Genk, Belgium?

The population of Genk, Belgium is about 72,000.

2. What Is The Weather Like In Genk, Belgium?

The weather in Genk, Belgium is usually mild, with average temperatures ranging from around freezing in winter to about 25 degrees Celsius in summer. However, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather conditions do occur.

3. What Is The Currency In Genk, Belgium?

The currency in Genk, Belgium is the Euro.

4. What Is The Time Zone In Genk, Belgium?

The time zone in Genk, Belgium is Central European Time (CET).

5. What Is The Closest Airport To Genk, Belgium?

The closest airport to Genk, Belgium is the Liège Airport, located about 45 minutes away by car.

6. What Is The Closest Major City To Genk, Belgium?

The closest major city to Genk, Belgium is Antwerp, located about 1 hour away by car.

7. What Languages Are Spoken In Genk, Belgium?

The main language spoken in Genk, Belgium is Dutch. However, many people in Genk also speak English and French.

8. What Is The Food Like In Genk, Belgium?

The food in Genk, Belgium is typical of the food found in the rest of Belgium. There is a wide variety of both traditional Belgian dishes and international cuisine available.

9. What Are Some Popular Tourist Attractions In Genk, Belgium?

Some popular tourist attractions in Genk, Belgium include the C-Mine, a former coal mine that has been converted into a cultural center; the Voerman Museum, which is dedicated to the history and culture of the region; and the Zwaenepoel Nature Reserve, a beautiful area of parks, forests, and ponds.

10. What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Genk, Belgium?

The best time of year to visit Genk, Belgium is from April to October, when the weather is mild and there are many festivals and events taking place.

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