Kid Friendly Things To Do In Fruitvale, Texas

There are plenty of kid friendly things to do in Fruitvale, Texas! For the outdoor lovers, there’s fishing, hiking, and picnicking at one of the many parks. For the animal lovers, there’s the Fruitvale Zoo and the Children’s Petting Zoo. For the history buffs, there’s the Fruitvale Heritage Museum and the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center. And for the kids that just want to have fun, there’s the Fruitvale Skate Park, the Fruitvale Playhouse, and the Fruitvale Children’s Museum. No matter what your child’s interests are, there’s sure to be something for them to do in Fruitvale, Texas!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Fruitvale, Texas

1. Visit the LBJ Museum

2. Take a walk through the fruit orchards

3. Play in the sprayground at the city park

4. Go on a hayride at the local farm

5. Visit the animal shelter to play with the puppies

6. Get ice cream at the Fruitvale Creamery

7. Play mini golf at the Fruitvale Fun Park

8. Go fishing at the city pond

9. explore the fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Market

10. have a picnic in the park


1. What Inspired You To Make Fruitvale Station?

I was inspired to make Fruitvale Station after reading about the true story of Oscar Grant, who was tragically killed by a police officer in 2009. I felt that his story needed to be told, and that it could be a powerful film that would shed light on some of the issues facing our country today.

2. What Do You Hope People Will Take Away From The Film?

I hope that people will take away a greater understanding of the realities of life for many young people of color in America today. I also hope that the film will inspire people to stand up for what they believe in and to fight for justice.

3. What Was It Like Working With Such A Talented And Diverse Cast And Crew?

Working with such a talented and diverse cast and crew was an incredible experience. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such incredibly passionate and talented people.

4. What Were Some Of The Challenges You Faced In Making The Film?

One of the biggest challenges we faced in making the film was getting the story of Oscar Grant told in a way that was respectful and accurate. We wanted to make sure that we told his story in a way that would honor his memory and help to keep his legacy alive.

5. What Did You Learn While Making The Film?

I learned a lot while making the film, but one of the most important things I learned was the importance of telling stories that need to be told. There are so many important stories out there that need to be told, and I feel lucky to have been able to tell one with Fruitvale Station.

6. What Was One Of Your Favorite Scenes To Shoot?

One of my favorite scenes to shoot was the scene in which Oscar Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson, confronts the police officer who killed her son. It was an intense and emotional scene to shoot, but it was also very powerful.

7. What Is Your Favorite Memory From The Film?

My favorite memory from the film is from the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Seeing the film with an audience for the first time was an incredible experience, and I will never forget the standing ovation that the film received.

8. What Are Your Thoughts On The Current State Of The Film Industry?

I think the current state of the film industry is very exciting. We are seeing more and more films being made that are telling important and necessary stories. I believe that this is a very positive trend, and I hope it continues.

9. What Are Your Thoughts On The Current State Of The World?

I think the current state of the world is both very exciting and very scary. We are living in a time of great change, and I believe that the films we make can help to shape the world we live in. I hope that we can use our films to make the world a better place.

10. What Are Your Plans For The Future?

I plan to continue making films that tell important stories. I also hope to continue working with talented and passionate people to create films that make a difference in the world.

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