Kid Friendly Things To Do In Frederica, Delaware

There are endless kid friendly things to do in Frederica, Delaware! For the outdoorsy family, there is kayaking, fishing, and crabbing in the Delaware Bay. For the history buffs, there is the First State Heritage Park, where they can learn all about the history of Delaware. There are also many museums, such as the Biggs Museum of American Art and the Delaware Museum of Natural History. And let’s not forget about the Delaware State Fair, which is a summertime favorite for families!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Frederica, Delaware

1. Visit the Frederica Maritime Museum to learn about the town’s maritime history and see displays of shipbuilding and nautical equipment.

2. Stroll down Main Street to see the historic houses and buildings, many of which date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

3. Take a wagon or carriage ride around town to see the sights and learn more about Frederica’s history.

4. Visit the Fort Frederica National Monument to learn about the 18th-century fort that was built here and see the remains of the fortifications.

5. Spend some time at the Frederica Park, where you can picnic, play on the playground, or just relax in the lush green space.

6. canoe or kayak down the Frederica River, which winds through the town and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.

7. Take a fishing charter out on the Delaware Bay to try your hand at catching striped bass, flounder, or other saltwater fish.

8. Play a round of golf at the Frederica Golf Club, a picturesque course that winds through the town.

9. Visit the Richard A. Bennett Heritage Farm to see a working farm and learn about the agricultural history of the area.

10. Stop by the James T. Whyte House Museum to see a beautifully restored Victorian home and learn about life in Frederica in the late 19th century.


1. What Is The History Of Frederica, Delaware?

Frederica was founded in 1683 by a group of Swedish and Finnish settlers. The town was named after Frederick III, the then-current King of Sweden. Frederica served as a hub of trade and commerce for the area, and was known for its shipbuilding and timber industries.

2. What Is Frederica’S Current Population?

The current population of Frederica is approximately 2,600.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Frederica?

Frederica experiences a typical Mid-Atlantic climate, with warm summers and cold winters. Precipitation is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year.

4. What Are Some Of The Prominent Landmarks In Frederica?

Some of the most notable landmarks in Frederica include the Hoopes House (built in 1735), the John Dickinson Plantation (built in 1740), and the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (built in 1703).

5. What Are Some Of The Recreational Activities That Can Be Enjoyed In Frederica?

There are a number of recreational activities that can be enjoyed in Frederica. These include fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking. There are also a number of historic sites and museums that can be visited.

6. What Is The Economy Of Frederica Like?

The economy of Frederica is primarily based on agriculture and tourism. There are a number of farms in the area, as well as a number of bed and breakfast establishments.

7. What Is The Education System Like In Frederica?

The education system in Frederica is served by the Red Clay Consolidated School District. There are a number of elementary, middle, and high schools in the district.

8. What Are The Healthcare Facilities Like In Frederica?

Frederica is served by a number of healthcare facilities, including a hospital, a clinic, and a number of pharmacies.

9. What Is The Housing Like In Frederica?

The housing in Frederica is diverse, with a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and mobile homes. There are a number of housing options available to meet the needs of different families.

10. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Frederica?

The crime rate in Frederica is relatively low. There are a number of police officers on patrol throughout the town, and the community has a good working relationship with them.

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