Dorchester is a great place for kids! There are plenty of things to keep them busy, including parks, playgrounds, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The city also has a number of kid-friendly businesses, such as a toy store, a bookstore, and a variety of restaurants. In addition, Dorchester is home to a number of family-friendly events, such as the annual Easter egg hunt and the Fourth of July parade.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Dorchester, Wisconsin

1. Covered Bridge Park: This park is home to one of the only covered bridges in the state of Wisconsin. The bridge was built in 1868 and is used as a pedestrian bridge today. The park also has a playground, picnic area, and hiking trails.

2. Big Hill Park: This park has a large hill that is perfect for sledding in the winter and hiking in the summer. The park also has a playground, picnic areas, and a tennis court.

3. Stockbridge Opera House: The opera house was built in 1886 and is the site of many community events. The opera house is also home to the Stockbridge Theater Company which produces plays and musicals throughout the year.

4. Heritage Park: This park is home to a Civil War monument, a gazebo, and a playground. The park also has a walking trail and a picnic area.

5. Mill Pond Park: This park is home to a mill pond which is popular for fishing and canoeing. The park also has a playground, picnic areas, and walking trails.

6. Riverside Park: This park is located on the banks of the Wisconsin River. The park has a playground, picnic areas, and a walking trail.

7.’s Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber of Commerce is located in the historic downtown area. The Chamber of Commerce offers many resources for businesses and individuals.

8. Big Foot Beach State Park: This state park is located on the shores of Lake Wisconsin. The park has a sandy beach, picnic areas, and hiking trails.

9. Myrtle Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest: This state forest is located south of Dorchester. The forest has hiking trails, a swimming beach, and camping sites.

10. Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge: This national wildlife refuge is located on the Mississippi River. The refuge has hiking trails, bird watching, and canoeing.


1. What Is The History Of Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Dorchester was founded in 1856 by George Stevens. It was named after Stevens’ hometown of Dorchester, Massachusetts. The first settlers were of English and Welsh descent.

2. What Is The Population Of Dorchester, Wisconsin?

The population of Dorchester is 2,963, according to the 2010 census.

3. What Is The Climate Of Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Dorchester has a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers.

4. What Are The Major Industries In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Dorchester’s major industries include agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

5. What Are The Notable Landmarks In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Some of Dorchester’s notable landmarks include the George Stevens House, the Dorchester Mill, and the Dorchester Village Hall.

6. What Is The Arts And Culture Scene Like In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Dorchester has a thriving arts and culture scene. The George Stevens House is a popular tourist destination, and the Dorchester Mill is home to a local art gallery. The Dorchester Village Hall is also a popular venue for cultural events.

7. What Are The Sports Teams In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

Dorchester does not have any professional sports teams. However, the Dorchester Mill is home to a semi-professional baseball team, the Dorchester Mill Rats.

8. What Are The Schools In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

There are two public schools in Dorchester: Dorchester Elementary School and Dorchester High School.

9. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

The crime rate in Dorchester is relatively low. However, there have been a few notable crimes in recent years, including a string of burglaries in 2013.

10. What Are The Housing Options Like In Dorchester, Wisconsin?

There are a variety of housing options in Dorchester, from single-family homes to apartments.

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