Djounie is a great place to bring your kids! There are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. If your children are into sports, there is a soccer field and a basketball court. The nearby beach is perfect for building sandcastles or playing in the waves. There are also several restaurants that have kid-friendly menus and staff. And, of course, no trip to Djounie is complete without a visit to the famous cookie factory!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Djounie, Lebanon

1. Take a walk or a hike through one of Djounie’s forests.
2. Visit one of Djounie’s many historical sites or ruins.
3. Swim in one of Djounie’s rivers or lakes.
4. Go camping in one of Djounie’s many parks.
5. Pick apples at an apple Orchard.
6. Visit a local farm and learn about how they grow their crops.
7. take a horse back ride through the countryside.
8. Visit a winery and learn about how wine is made.
9. Go strawberry picking at a local strawberry farm.
10. Take a tour of a local factory or business.


1. What Is The Official Name Of Lebanon?

Lebanon is officially known as the Lebanese Republic.

2. What Is The Capital Of Lebanon?

The capital of Lebanon is Beirut.

3. What Is The Population Of Lebanon?

The population of Lebanon is approximately 6.2 million.

4. What Is The Area Of Lebanon?

The area of Lebanon is 10,452 square kilometers.

5. What Is The Climate Of Lebanon?

The climate of Lebanon is Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm to hot summers.

6. What Is The Currency Of Lebanon?

The currency of Lebanon is the Lebanese pound.

7. What Is The Official Language Of Lebanon?

The official language of Lebanon is Arabic.

8. What Is The Religion Of Lebanon?

The religion of Lebanon is predominantly Islam, with a significant Christian minority.

9. What Are The Tourist Attractions In Lebanon?

Lebanon has a number of tourist attractions, including the ancient city of Byblos, the Roman ruins of Baalbek, and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

10. What Is The Food Like In Lebanon?

The food of Lebanon is Mediterranean, with a focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and fish.

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