There are many kid friendly things to do in Dhing, India. One option is to visit the Dhing Fort. This historic fort has been standing since the 16th century and is a great place to explore with kids. Another option is to take a walk through the Dhing Market. This vibrant market is full of stalls selling everything from spices to souvenirs. Kids will love all the colorful sights and sounds of the market. If you’re looking for something more active to do with kids, you can head to the Dhing Dam. This dam is a great place to go for a swim or hike. There are also several playgrounds located throughout Dhing, perfect for a day of fun in the sun.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Dhing, India

1. Visit the Kaziranga National Park: The Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important conservation sites in India. The park is home to two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceroses and also hosts a large number of other wildlife species, including elephants, tigers, and water buffalo.

2. Go on a safari at the park: A safari is the best way to see the wildlife at Kaziranga National Park. jeeps and elephant-back rides are available, and the latter is particularly popular with kids.

3. Visit the Assam State Zoo: The Assam State Zoo is located in Guwahati, just a short drive from Kaziranga National Park. The zoo is home to a large variety of animals, including rhinos, tigers, leopards, bears, and monkeys.

4. Take a boat ride on the Brahmaputra River: The Brahmaputra River is one of the great rivers of Asia and a boat ride on it is a memorable experience. There are a number of operators offering boat rides, and it’s possible to combine a river cruise with a visit to one of the nearby villages.

5. Go birdwatching: Kaziranga National Park is one of the best places in India for birdwatching, with more than 500 different species of birds. Some of the most popular birds to look out for include the greater adjutant stork, the Bengal florican, and the critically endangered vultures.

6. Visit the Garo Hills: The Garo Hills are a scenic area located to the west of Kaziranga National Park. The hills are home to the Garo tribe, and there are a number of villages that can be visited. The area is also popular for hiking and trekking.

7. Take a elephant ride at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center: The Elephant Conservation and Care Center is located in Mathura, just a few hours’ drive from Kaziranga National Park. The center offers elephant rides, which is a great way to get close to these majestic animals.

8. Visit the Orang National Park: The Orang National Park is located to the north of Kaziranga National Park and is home to a population of rhinos, elephants, and tigers. The park also offers boat rides and wildlife safaris.

9. Visit the Mahatma Gandhi National Park: The Mahatma Gandhi National Park is located in Siliguri, a few hours’ drive from Kaziranga National Park. The park is home to a number of animals, including tigers, leopards, and elephants.

10. Go on a nature hike: A nature hike is a great way to explore the Kaziranga National Park and get up close to the wildlife. There are a number of trails of varying difficulty, and a guide can be hired to help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


1. What Is Dhing?

Dhing is a small town in Assam, India. It is located in the Nagaon district.

2. What Is The History Of Dhing?

Dhing is a relatively new town, having been founded in 1873. It was originally a part of the Nagaon district, but was made a separate district in 1983.

3. What Is The Population Of Dhing?

The population of Dhing is approximately 18,000.

4. What Is The Climate Like In Dhing?

The climate of Dhing is tropical, with warm weather year-round.

5. What Is The Economy Of Dhing Based On?

The economy of Dhing is primarily based on agriculture. Rice is the main crop, and other crops such as maize and pulses are also grown.

6. What Are Some Of The Tourist Attractions In Dhing?

Dhing is home to the Dhing Longri Cave, which is a popular tourist destination. Other attractions include the Dhing wetlands, which are a haven for birdwatchers, and the Dhing Tea Estate.

7. What Are The Transportation Options In Dhing?

The town of Dhing is connected to the rest of India by road and rail. There are also daily flights to and from Guwahati, which is the nearest airport.

8. What Is The Cuisine Like In Dhing?

The cuisine of Dhing is primarily Assamese, with a focus on rice and fish dishes.

9. What Are The People Of Dhing Like?

The people of Dhing are friendly and welcoming.

10. What Is The Best Time To Visit Dhing?

The best time to visit Dhing is from October to March, when the weather is cooler.

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