There are many kid friendly activities to do in the town of Dexter, Maine. For the outdoorsy family, you can go for a hike on one of the many scenic trails or go fishing in one of the many lakes. For those who enjoy the arts, you can visit the Dexter Arts Council or take a pottery class at the Wheel House Studio. There are also a number of historical sites in Dexter that are great for kids, such as the Old Dexter Library and the Wesselhoeft Farmstead. And, of course, no trip to Dexter would be complete without a visit to one of the many ice cream shops!

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Dexter, Maine

1. Head to the local playground- There are plenty of playgrounds in the Dexter area for kids to explore and enjoy. From jungle gyms to swings to slides, there is something for everyone.

2. Visit a nearby farm- There are several farms in the Dexter area that offer tours, animal petting, and other kid-friendly activities.

3. Go on a nature hike- There are several hiking trails in and around Dexter that are perfect for exploring with the family.

4. Have a picnic lunch- Dexter is home to several parks and green spaces that make the perfect spot for a picnic lunch.

5. Go fishing- There are several ponds and lakes in the Dexter area that are perfect for a day of fishing.

6. Go berry picking- There are several farms in the area that offer berry picking. This is a great activity for the whole family.

7. Visit a museum- There are several museums in the Dexter area, including the Maine State Museum and the Dexter Historical Society Museum.

8. Go swimming- There are several public pools in the Dexter area that are perfect for a day of swimming.

9. Play mini golf- There are several mini golf courses in the Dexter area that are perfect for a family outing.

10. Go bowling- There is a bowling alley in Dexter that is perfect for a family activity.


1. What Is The History Of Dexter, Maine?

The history of Dexter, Maine dates back to the early 1700s when the first settlers arrived in the area. The town was officially incorporated in 1796 and has since become known for its picturesque downtown and its many historical landmarks.

2. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Attractions In Dexter, Maine?

Some of the most popular attractions in Dexter, Maine include the Dexter Historical Society Museum, the oldest continuously operating movie theater in the state, and the statue of Fessenden S. Blaisdell, one of the town’s most notable residents.

3. What Is The Climate Like In Dexter, Maine?

The climate in Dexter, Maine is typically cool and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

4. What Is The Population Of Dexter, Maine?

As of the 2010 census, the population of Dexter, Maine was 2,4361, making it the 9th largest town in Penobscot County.

5. What Is The Median Income In Dexter, Maine?

The median income in Dexter, Maine is $37,941, which is lower than the statewide median income of $43,992.

6. What Is The Cost Of Living In Dexter, Maine?

The cost of living in Dexter, Maine is lower than the national average, with a Cost of Living Index of 90.7.

7. What Are The Schools Like In Dexter, Maine?

The town of Dexter is served by the Dexter School District, which includes the Dexter Regional High School, a National Blue Ribbon School. The district also includes two elementary schools, a middle school, and an alternative school.

8. What Is The Crime Rate Like In Dexter, Maine?

The crime rate in Dexter, Maine is lower than the national average, with a Crime Index of 62.1.

9. What Are The Dexter, Maine Real Estate Market Trends?

The Dexter, Maine real estate market is reboundingly, with a median home price of $139,900 and a median rent price of $850.

10. What Is The Best Time To Visit Dexter, Maine?

The best time to visit Dexter, Maine is during the summer months, when the town comes alive with a variety of festivals and events.

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