Deventer is a charming Dutch city situated on the river IJssel, in the province of Overijssel. It’s a wonderful place to explore with kids, with plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. The city has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, and there are plenty of historical landmarks and museums to explore. The city centre is compact and easily navigable, and the streets are lined with cafes, restaurants and shops. The chief attraction for kids is likely to be the Keukenhof, a gorgeous public park with a playground, landscaped gardens and a petting zoo. Other kid-friendly activities in Deventer include a visit to the**Dinopark**, where life-sized dinosaurs roam among the trees, or the Sprookjeswonderland, a fairy tale-themed park with rides and attractions. For a taste of Dutch culture, you can’t go past a visit to the Zwinger, a traditional Dutch windmill. Deventer is a lovely city to explore with kids, and there’s plenty to keep them entertained.

10 Fun & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Deventer, Netherlands

1. Visit the picnic area at Kolk Oosterpark for a lovely day out with the kids. There is plenty of green space to run around, a playground and a large pond where you can feed the ducks.

2. Have a go at mini golf at one of the city’s two courses – Park Mini Golf Deventer or Minigolf De Burcht.

3. Take a ride on the historical steam train that runs between Deventer and Diepenveen on weekends and during the summer months.

4. explore the quaint old town centre with its narrow streets, lined with historic buildings, shops and cafes.

5. Visit the Deventer castles, both of which have been turned into museums – Voorstadsmuseum Deventer and Castle ‘t Nijenhuis.

6. Stroll through the beautiful Royaardspark and take a boat ride on the river IJssel.

7. Have some fun at one of Deventer’s many indoor play centres, such as Kids”R”Us, HipHoppa or De Koekoeksjong.

8. Visit the “Animals in the Wasteland” sculpture park for a unique experience.

9. Take a day trip to the nearby city of Zwolle to visit its popular Zoo and Avonturenpark Hellendoorn amusement park.

10. Check out thearray of events and activities that are held at Deventer’s special events venue, Theijsselhal, throughout the year.


1. What Is Deventer?

Deventer is a municipality and a city in the Salland region of the eastern Netherlands. Deventer is largely situated on the left bank of the river IJssel, but also has a small part of its territory on the right bank. In 2017, the population of Deventer was 98,ciaand the city’s land area was 146.8 km2.

2. What Is The History Of Deventer?

The name of Deventer is derived from the Dutch word “de”, meaning “of” or “from”, and the word “venter”, meaning “farmer”. This indicates that the city’s origin was as a farming settlement. The first recorded mention of Deventer date back to 956, when a royal charter was granted to a local lord.

3. What Is The Geography Of Deventer?

Deventer is located in the eastern Netherlands, on the left bank of the river IJssel. The city has a land area of 146.8 km2, of which 140.0 km2 is covered by land and 6.8 km2 is water.

4. What Is The Climate Of Deventer?

Deventer has a temperate climate, with average temperatures ranging from 10 °C in winter to 20 °C in summer. The city experiences relatively high levels of rainfall throughout the year.

5. What Is The Economy Of Deventer?

Deventer’s economy is largely based on the service sector, with retail and tourism being the main contributors. The city is home to a number of shops and businesses, as well as several tourist attractions.

6. What Is The Population Of Deventer?

As of 2017, the population of Deventer was 98,066. The city’s population is predominantly of Dutch ethnicity, with a small minority of other groups.

7. What Are The Landmarks Of Deventer?

Some of the notable landmarks in Deventer include the Lebuinus Church, the City Hall, and the Waag. The Lebuinus Church is the oldest church in the city, dating back to the 11th century. The City Hall is a historic building that serves as the seat of the municipality’s government. The Waag is a historic weighhouse that now houses a museum.

8. What Are The Cultural Attractions Of Deventer?

Deventer is home to a number of cultural attractions, such as the Deventer Morgenster Museum, the Snoekjesgate Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum. The Deventer Morgenster Museum is dedicated to the history of the city, while the Snoekjesgate Museum is a maritime museum. The Stedelijk Museum is an art museum that houses a collection of Dutch and international works.

9. What Are The Recreational Activities In Deventer?

Deventer offers a number of recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. The city has a number of parks, such as the Frits Koster Park and the Bergkerk Park. Deventer also has a number of sport facilities, including a stadium, a swimming pool, and several tennis courts.

10. How Do I Get To Deventer?

Deventer can be reached by car, train, or bus. The city is located on the A1 motorway, which connects it to Amsterdam and Utrecht. Deventer can also be reached by train from Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Arnhem. There are also a number of bus services that operate to and from Deventer.

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